SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND Mum has been served with a section 21

I am now really scared mum has been served with a section 21 notice and I don’t know what to do. Ive tried every helpline available. The carers U.K. service. The carers information service in my area, they are all closed.

Safeguarding are refusing to listen and saying it’s not their problem and it’s not an emergency right now, so they won’t put me through to anyone.

I just bloody knew all this would happen. My intention was right all along. Dad said we always just knew things. People said I was just worrying unnecessarily, but I was right.

The last few days I have not felt right. I knew something was going to happen. Last week I got a phone call to say the landlord wanted to do upgrades and I knew then it wasn’t good, but I taught myself that it was probably nothing. Well it wasn’t.

I’ve never dealt with this before. Mum is crying and saying she will harm herself and will end up in hospital, meanwhile I am throwing up relentlessly. Do these people not realise the damage they have done.

That house has been our home for 15 years literally, my dad did everything to look after it.

My only reasoning for the eviction is probably to do with the fact that the rent is so cheap for what it is, £390 a month. The landlord clearly just wants more.

I now don’t know how to respond to any of this, and Hull City Council will throw her anywhere they can. But mum doesn’t want to be away from us.

All this whilst social services mess about with red tape. She’s been on this list for independent housing for 18 months nearly.

Mum has to move out by the 16th May.

I just can’t do this. Why does life hate me! I feel so alone. I don’t want to do this anymore.

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Not sure if this will help but try reading here. It does say she doesn’t have to leave straight away so she can’t be thrown out on the street immediately.

I suggest trying to get through to CAB first thing in the morning. It doesn’t sound like much help, I know.

If you really think that Mum is likely to self-harm you need to ring the Emergency Duty Team at your local Social Services. The Council should have an out of hours Emergency number you can call 24 hours a day. If you think she IS self harming you can also call 999 and get the police to attend and, if necessary they will force entry - tell them you have Serious Concern for Welfare and explain briefly what has happened and what she has said. If they get there and think it is serious THEY will call out the EDT and take her to a place of safety.

My prayers are with you.

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I just can’t do this anymore, I’m really been sent into decline. Do I have to be in hospital before anyone cares, do I have to be dead before anyone cares.

I’m battling so hard, and I just want to give up so much. Even my sister said in the car today. “Just cut the brakes of your car, and we will all go together. That way none of us will hurt. Then we won’t have to deal with this.”

That is what is happening to us, the fact that my sister said that it breaks my heart. I’m supposed to be the strong one, I’m supposed to be this amazing carer and an amazing big sister. I’m supposed to be the glue in the family, but I’m barely the cellotape.

Social services have totally avoided their duty of care, and have buried their head in the sand.

Beggars can’t be choosers, mum has to accept the flat she was offered recently, if still available?

Unfortunately landlords have the right to ask tenants to leave. They are obliged to give notice. Especially if in arrears. Not saying your mother is in arrears.
I agree with BB and check if the flat offered is still available. Better than being completely homeless.

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I believe the law regarding no fault evictions is about to change. Might be worth investigating?

I’ve contacted loads of people, and no where has any availability whatsoever. There are waiting lists in their hundreds everywhere.

Just to add insole to injury, I recieved a letter today to say the extra care team want to do a reassessment to see if mum is suitable for extra care housing. How insensitive do these people get?

It’s just shocking, my mum is currently waiting for housing to open.

I’ve called letting agents but a lot of them want a home owner guarantor. Yeah let’s get my mums dead parents to go for it.

I’ve found a couple with her current agents which are affordable, however she is saying no” because it’s full of druggies.’ Its not. She’s just picking and choosing.

I’ve called social services saying it’s an emergency, as normal they don’t care.

Mum is waiting for the housing office to open.

Be sure to contact Shelter asap. There is a legal process landlords have to go through. If you don’t follow this exactly, then you are seen as “intentionally homeless”!

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Ok I will do. Thank you.

I’ve just been contacted by another place who said they have independent living places going on short wait time scales. This is around six months.

They are a little but out of mums area, but not in a bad way. One place is on the river front and is brand new, they said there is a wait of around six months.

Mum won’t go for it because it’s a couple of minutes extra away for us. In fact it’s better for us, my sister works nearby, and I go past it when going too and from work. It’s classed as one of the nicest areas in Hull.

It’s a short walk to the town centre, there is a regular bus nearby. There is a huge shopping area nearby. But she’s saying it’s too far, it’s really isn’t. At the end of one of the streets where she is there is a big a road which is under major construction to make it faster. It’s pretty fast as it is, it takes a minute to get through it to the other side of the city.

I’ve shown her four now and she keeps saying no. One had too much crime or so she believes now this one and another one are too far.

Dear Coolcar

Thank you for your post in Carers Connect. It sounds like this has been a very difficult time for you. We will send you some information that might be of help.

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Your mum doesn’t seem to understand that if she is too picky she will end up with absolutely nothing!

My mum was very similar in many ways about getting rid of anything at all - so you have my sympathy.

The offer of a new place sounds wonderful, once her entitlement to the place was offered and accepted in writing, it’s very likely that the existing landlord would allow her to stay on at her current place until she can move to the new one.

We’ve now got the local MP on our side. The application is in for this place and three others.

Mum has been to the council and registered as homeless. I have spoken to social services and they said they can’t do much surprise surprise.
The social worker did say that they worked with someone who went for this place and got in super quick.

The stupid extra care team also gave us a letter for a reassessment for the extra care housing so the social worker said she will try to pull it forward. Not that it will improve anything.

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Just breaking down in fits of tears and having panic attacks. I feel like I have spoken to everyone today, and I don’t know what to do. I’ve spoken to mps, social services, housing places, the carers service.

I feel like I am getting nowhere. I just hate this country and I hate my life so much. I’m breaking so much.

It’s no longer available, I called the people involved. In fact I have called just about everyone today.

The good news is she has an application in the works for a really nice housing charity who have multiple short wait properties in her allocated area or just outside of it.

I have looked into it. We’ve had the house 15 years now. It was originally a joint tenancy and mum had to sign a new one when died for the benefits.

But I have looked into this. The law is changing in 2025. Landlords will not be allowed to no fault eviction anyone anymore, as it puts too much pressure on services.

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Literally. I am trying to talk her around about this place, the chance of a river view is something loads of people want.

The woman said to me on the phone that it’s short wait so it could be six months on average, there are no places currently.

However if we have the OT assessment, an mp on our side and housing she must surely stand a better chance.

I have been trying all day, literally can’t get through.

Why does your mum claim squatter right? I know it sounds daft but it might give her some breathing space but also could make it awkward for landlord, if it got out he is turfing out a mentally ill person and no one wants to help. It called playing devil’s advocate. If the police then get called to get involved then they have a duty of care under the mental health act to get help and support for her.

I understand we’ve considered going to the local papers, but frankly I think it may cause more harm than it’s worth. Given all of our mental states investable nasty comments will follow.

I have got the MP tomorrow and will be getting a call.

The government announced it was going to abolish no-fault evictions, and published a Bill in May . They then put the reforms on indefinite hold on the grounds that the court system needed to be reformed first. That was in October last year. With so many MPs who are landlords and not restricted in the same way as councillors from voting on matters of personal interest, it’s likely the Bill would have failed.