Yes the classic Urinary Tract Infection

…and it can get very serious, very quickly.

A&E or 111 asap.

Well I talked him into me calling 111, we have now a home visit coming in the next 6 hours, they wanted us to goto a med center somewhere but I do not drive and he’s feeling weak. Got to wait now.

Good, no one wants to be ill, but sometimes we NEED medical attention urgently.

Someone as been and checked him over, yep he needs to goto hospital now a&e i guess, he as a full bladder, writing this update on my phone now.
The transport will be coming soon hope I can go with him.

Good. Pack an overnight back, they may want to keep him in, at least overnight.

Yes already made up a bag ready with his phone and charger this time, I forgot the charger last time they kept him in, lucky it was only a couple of days stay, its only a basic doro phone.
Still no transport yet :neutral_face:

Its worrying me, there is only me and dad here

They will usually let you ride along in the ambulance to a hospital, but getting home again, you’re on your own.

Think its 2 or 3 miles from hospital, so can get taxi back.

Ambulance as just been, i was not allowed to go with him, he as all the stuff, phone and charger hope he’s ok, i’m worried to death here, think i will goto bed leave my phone on hope he calls.


you have done the right thing. The hospital won’t keep him longer than they need to.


Woke up, first thing i did was to call A&E, they said he was moved to the assessment area of the hospital, so i called them and they said he’s resting well trying to sleep and waiting on the doctor to do the arounds, they would not say what trement he’s had or anything over the phone, and i can’t goto the hospital to find out not allowed in, i tried to call is mobile that is still off, just need to wait now.

He needs to give his authority to the nursing staff to talk to you about his treatment, unless you have Health and Welfare Power of Attorney?

Just had call from my dad, seems a lot more up beat now, says hes still feeling weak, hes had a catheter in that as drained the urine, potassium levels where high again he was in hospital around august for that.
What i want to know why the urine was not passing, he said it’s his kidneys thats the trouble but that does not make sense when urine goes from kidney to bladder and then out.
No i do not have Health and Welfare Power of Attorney may need to look into that, oh and hes a had a covid test, again.
More happier now.

Towards the end of her life, when mum was in a nursing home, she had to have a catheter to drain her bladder, because of a problem. However, she had much thicker than average urine, I don’t know why. It regularly blocked her catheter. On one occasion she told me it was the worst ever pain she’d ever had, ended up screaming in pain. Prior to her admission to the home, she had been in hospital with “urinary sepsis”, and it was the after effects of this which meant she lost the ability to walk, and needed full time nursing care.

glad he is feeling more comfortable and you can relax a bit now.

Are the hospital referring your Dad to outpatients to have the cause of his increased potassium levels and his prostrate checked?

Getting POA takes time - I’d start it ASAP, once set up you don’t have to activate/ use it until it’s required. Don’t leave it too late or you will have to go through the Court of Protection instead - and that its best avoided.


He’s still in hospital, so be in another night i guess, no his potassium levels where high, so now we will see what tomorrow brings, he’s called me a number of times today, nothing much to do in hospital, tv to watch is mega expensive

Sorry I am a bit late to the party but read about the UTI. I’ve had 2 over the last few months. First time they gave me some pills which lasted 2 days (they cost close to £10!!!) but didn’t work. I had to phone the GP again and got the ones your Dad got. They worked fine and all the burning sensation went too.

Sorry if this is TMI but at one point I couldn’t wee or pooh and I thought I was on my way out. The pain in my abdomen was bloody horrendous. I’ve never had that kind of pain every before.

Hope he is OK now.

Update sorry not been around, anyway he came out on the 27th so wasn’t in long, with a catheter and loads of antibiotics, was weak at the start each day he as got more stronger, burning feeling as gone.
Should be having the catheter out in 6 weeks or so, still not had a letter from hospital for outpatients yet, i guess the shit as hit the fan with this covid lockdown we have now, he had 3 covid tests all clear with those.

Good to hear the burning has gone.

Still as the catheter in, he had a letter last week for outpatients but he already had a appointment with
the doctors annual checkup same day as the hospital outpatients, so he went to rearrange the outpatients appointment, said he needs to wait now not sure why and they will sent another letter at a later date.
And now we have the district nurse coming out to change the catheter in the near distant future, looks like hospital must have arrange this.
Anyway we have had no issue with the catheter, but the tap on the bag as slipped open about 3 times now not sure why just have to be more careful, other than that hes sleeping all through the night now doesn’t need to get up, i just attach the night bag just before bed and he’s good to go.