Yes the classic Urinary Tract Infection

Good evenming all

My 83 old dad from yesterday as been given some antibiotics from the doctor, to be taken 1, 2 times a day, he had one thursday late afternoon and 2 today friday, just wondering how long do they take to work, because my dad is going to the toilet frequently but not peeing much, i guess the infection is irritating his bladder, and it’s making me anxious, seeing its very close to a bank holiday I.E xmas.
The tablets are Trimethoprim, hes resting and drink water a lot, hes retch sometimes.
Anyway can anyone give me a time frame for the tablets to start working.

Contact your local pharmacy

Well the Trimethoprim tablets did not work at all, still in pain when peeing, so i contacted the doctor this morning, i wanted to contact doctor yesterday but my dad said no he wanted to run with the Trimethoprim tablets but i talked him into getting hold of the doctor today, anyway doctor as changed them to selexid penicillin, really hoping these start working soon, very upsetting to see my dad like this, oh and i took a urine sample in, being sick when a bank holiday is just around the corner is not good at with my anxious and it’s sky high, hope he gets some sleep tonight, in bed, up and down all last night, he ended up sleeping in the living room easy chair, it’s getting him down now.

Is he drinking plenty? Absolutely vital with a UTI.

Oh yes he’s drinking a lot of water, but last night he didn’t last long in bed before he gave up on it, and ended up in the living room easy chair again because of him getting up and out every 5min for the toilet, but i think the new tablets are starting to work he said theres a slight change, not sure if he’s just saying that to make me happier.

I do hope it’s turning the corner, for both your sakes.
I’ve had some vicious UTI’s, Trimethoprim has worked, but it zapped all my energy.

@bowlingbun thank you.

He’s just had another selexid tablet, then he had a small breakfast, he doesn’t want to eat much, and i’ve not felt like having much aswell, the worring as got to me i guess.
Left him now a sleep in the living room, hope he gets a lot of sleep don’t think he had much in the early hours.

If a second anti-biotic doesn’t work they need to make a culture of the urine (a new sample) to ascertain what the actual infection is and then prescribe the appropriate anti-biotic.

Looks like they are working now, the selexid, he said the burning feeling as subsided, but he said it’s still uncomfortable to sit, but still good for just 1 day of taking the second load of tablets, i have never had a UTI, guess i may have this to come later in life.

Glad they are working.


This infection as really knocked the hell out of him, he said the burning as gone when peeing, but as pain in his abdomen, seem to have not much strength now, feeling weak, hope he gets some sleep tonight in his bed, instead of the chair.

I had one that arrived without warning, when I’d just arrived at college. I could hardly walk. Fortunately my husband was working nearby and took me to hospital, otherwise it would have been a 999 call. I was prescribed antibiotics. Felt washed out for 2 weeks.


When did he last o/b? Is he constipated?

If he doesn’t improve, contact 111.



Sorry not sure what o/b means, i asked him if he’s constipated he says no, he tried to sleep in bed last night but only lasted till 1 or was it 2am and he went to sleep in the easy chair again, i think he’s got some pain in the abdomen area he says when he lays down in bed, he seems ok in the chair no pain there.

Hi Royd,
O/b means open bowels or have a pooh.

A hot water bottle on his abdomen / microwaved hot pad might help. If the pain doesn’t go soon you need to consult 111/ GP.

Antibiotics can cause gastro problems, is he taking them as directed ie in relation to food? Eating probiotic yoghurts may help.


Well he’s resting now on the bed, he’s just had a shower, had a bit of a breakfast some rise krispies with a bit of milk, and beans on half sliced of toast, he just wanted a biscuit but i said you need more than that, he as no energy still, not sure about o/b i think he as.
Yes he as been taking the selexid with food and water.
He’s having trouble passing pee, if anything it’s just some drips.


If he has trouble passing wee, you need to contact 111/GP - he could be in pain because his bladder is full and he can’t pee. Has he been checked for prostate trouble?


I agree, time to ring 111 for advice. Mum had urine retention, she had many operations, some awful, but said that the pain of urine retention was the very, very worst. Sort this out asap, before it gets dark.

He was passing pee fine before this UTI, trouble was getting the right antibiotics which it seems as compounding the issue, he was fine resting on the bed no pain he said, then he went to lay down on the settee which he got some pain again, now he’s in the easy chair.
I asked him if he wants the out of hours doctor I.E 111 he doesn’t want it


if he isn’t passing urine, it’s not going to resolve itself. The pain will only get worse.