UTI after Stroke

3 weeks ago my dad had a stroke but had been making really good progress, Friday I noticed blood in his urine and after dialling 111 and a visit from the Emergency Doctor he was admitted to Hospital. He spent 26 hours in A@E on a trolly as there was no beds available, during this time he was placed on a drip and antibiotics started. This morning he was finally admitted to a ward but is in a right state, very weak and confused, it’s like we are back at square one again. I would very much appreciate if anybody has experience of UTI and the confusion/delirium which it has caused. I’m just so worried that it will not go. Thank you.

My young cared for son had a UTI recently. My advice is to talk with his urologist. We were prescribed antibiotics after he was admitted to the hospital via their emergency room. He spent almost a week at the hospital on the urology ward under close observation. Keep us posted! Also talk to the stroke team. Is he on the stroke ward or not?

Thanks Leah for your reply, my dad is 86, he spent 3 days in stroke unit before being sent home. He then fell and spent 2 weeks in stroke recovery ward. He was home for 2 weeks and making really good progress when the UTI got him, he is now on the Acute Medical Ward. The Hospital are talking about discharge tomorrow but I’m so scared to have him back home in the condition he is in. I tried talking to the nurse and she just said that once the infection is under control they will send him home.

My mother had multiple severe UTI s and suffered delirium during which time she became lethargic, weak and essentially unresponsive. As I understand delirium can lead to unresponsiveness or people can become loud and overactive.

Mum did recover over a week or two after the UTI/sepsis was brought under control.

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My late husband had delirium after suffering a stroke. He had been having lots of UTIs. Have you spoken with your dads stroke consultant? Or the ward Doctor?
My husband’s stroke consultant explained that the time to be more concerned is if no improvement is made re delirium after 6weeks, and in his experience it rarely lasts that long. Its very scary I know, and can mimic dementia. As can UTIs.
Sadly, the outcome wasn’t favourable for hubby, but loads of other patients on the stroke ward came through, with care and rehabilitation. I would have a chat to the consultant, and as your dad was making a good improvement , this is probably a set back. The antibiotics need to kick in.
By the way, my lovely husband was showing signs of dementia, well before his massive stroke. Take it your Dad wasn’t showing signs of being very confused?
Take care of yourself as its very important.
Ive just seen the hospital want to discharge him. Unsafe discharge springs to mind, and a plan needs to be in place. You will have to be strong on that

I sense a premature or bad discharge being proposed. If he is weak and confused he needs a care package in place before discharge. They need assess his living situation and consider a period of reablement.

Please look at posts here about unsafe discharges and reablement. Chris from the Gulag often refers to the discharge bible.


Please look at posts here about unsafe discharges and reablement. Chris from the Gulag often refers to the discharge bible.

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THE BIBLE on hospital discharges … courtesy of our NHS :
Being discharged from hospital - NHS

In short … by the book or … NO discharge !

( That Care Plan section looks favourite ? )

Reablement ?

Our NHS again :

Care after illness or hospital discharge (reablement) - Social care and support guide - NHS

Thanks Chris!

How was your dad when he was discharged after the stroke? Was he given reablement care then? Does he have a care package from his discharge after the stroke?

I’m concerned that because he got shortchanged, carewise, after the stroke that the discharge nurses will say he’s no worse than when he came in with the UTI/delirium so he can just go home, and free up their bed.

Does your dad live alone? It really sounds like he needs some assistance. You do not have to look after him. It’s up to the local authority social service to perform an assessment (the LA has staff who work with the hospital discharge people. Don’t be in any rush to have your dad return home without a proper assessment of him and his living situation being done first.

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The fact that he fell immediately after the first discharge and then was readmitted to a stroke recovery ward also smells of an unsafe discharge. I’d press for a reablement package (at no charge and typically lasts upto 6 weeks but could be extended).

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My experience is that hospitals seek to discharge patients with UTI s as soon as they are off IV antibiotics and on antibiotic tablets.

They still need to consider his overall fitness for discharge, especially as the previous time it was a failed discharge.
Make absolutely certain that a free Reablement package is arranged, and you have all the details, before discharge. You may have to be VERY firm about this!!!

If you havent already done so I would keep good records as to who said what and when. Initially I hadn’t read your post under unsafe discharge, and I still havent read it all.

You must stand firm and insist he gets the proper care.

This. I had to basically insist that they didn’t immediately discharge my son until we felt he was ready. It was a week before we were ready personally. He needed expert treatment.

Thank you all so much for your replies, I really appreciate it. I’m meeting my dads social worker on the ward this afternoon so she can assess dad and then see what happens. Thank you all once again.

Your welcome.

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