catheter issue

Well it all happens at weekends, my dad as a catheter, he’s 84, and around 7:30pm this saturday night it as come out, looks like the catheter balloon that keeps the catheter in place as deflated when he walked into the kitchen the catheter as come out, this is the first time this as happened so had to ring nhs 111 at 8pm saturday night not what i wanted.
He almost lasted the time the catheter should be changed, would be in acouple of weeks, looks like won’t be getting much sleep tonight untill district nurse turns up, the person at the other end of nhs 111 said could take upto 4 hours or more :open_mouth:

Sorry to hear that Royd. Hope district nurse arrives before bedtime. Meanwhile have you got any pads your Dad can wear just in case?


The district nurse came around 9pm, quite fast i think, i have all the catheters and bags and bits and bots, she inserted a new catherer, it’s draining slowly she said if anything changes call 111 again in the night, in the morning it’s the normal number from 8am till 6ish.
Now he’s in bed we will see over night, i think we will be fine till morning, the night bag is attached, he’s had 3 mugs of water before bed so good to go, bed for me now, see you all on the other side.

I have my fingers crossed that you both have a peaceful night.

All great this morning all working fine, leg bag drained into the night bag without any issues in the night, had a good nights sleep, so far so good, just need to watch out for any infections from a new catheter.
Just one of those things that the catheter failed thats all, but now i had to use a new leg bag which i only changed it last friday morning, and we only have 2 spare, i ordered some other day early friday morning, so i hope no more issues, not sure where to get anymore in a emergency, if the proverbail brown stuff hits the fan, we will use a night bag instead as a last resort.

Royd, your dad is so lucky to have you caring for him so well.

Bed time again, catheter is draining ok, but since the catheter change he his left wanting to pee periodically, this is a issue with a catheter insertion.
Just said keep drunking the water and hope for no infection, he said he feels fine just the feeling he wants to pee now and again.

The catheter as started to bypass now this morning, need to call the usual people to come out and take a look, could be a blockage if so could need a catheter flush, if that doesn’t work it would be a new inserted catheter and another new leg bag, which we are getting very low stock of, only got 2 left :cry: see if nurse can bring some.
Takes two long to receive any orders you place.


Hope just a flush out is needed and you are able stock up on catheter supplies.

Issues always seem to happen together, don’t they.