Will carers allowance affect his EESA

My husband has dementia, I have been his unpaid carer for 2 years.
He is claiming EESA for himself and me and he gets PIP
If I claim carers allowance will it affect his EESA.
I have tried to get an answer on this in lots of places but no one will help me

Hi Angie … welcome to the canteen.

Husband … ESA and PIP … presumably under the date to receive the State Pension … dementia mentioned ?

To confirm the date of which the State Pension will become payable , an online calculator which will do precisely that :

State pension age calculator - Which?
( Half way down the web page … section headed … When will I qualify for the state pension ? ) :

I should also mention that if the PIP awarded has a time limit once that date is reached … a transition to Attendance Allowance … meaning yet more paperwork at that time.
State Pension Age Changes - Turn2us

Wife ( You ) … ESA.

Both ESA … limited capacity for work . paid at a higher rate than the working support group rate ?

Okay so far ?

If you claim Carers Allowance ( CA ) , you will lose the WHOLE of ESA ( Overlapping Benefits Rule ).

As CA is paid at a lower rate than ESA , a Carers’ Premium kicks in make up the difference.

So , no difference in the amount coming in.

I would strongly recommend a financial m.o.t. … ensure that all benefits / allowances out there
are currently being claimed … link to an online benefits calculator follows :


Housing … any problems … Housing Benefit / potential reduction in Council Tax ?

Universal Credit rolled out on your manor ?

Needs Assessment … upto date from your local LA ?

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance on the forum.

Did you know he is exempt from Council Tax on the grounds of “severe mental impairment”?
Has he had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and have you had a Carers Assessment, in the last 12 months?

Chris, remember these days to use the phrase “under State Pension Age” as 65 is no longer relevant as the age of retirement. Most of us will all have a different personal State Pension Age

Will do … within a decade , perhaps under 70 … irrespective of staggered dates as they are now …in line with the next change probably already in the Government’s plans ?

State Pension drawdown day … SPDD … time to add that calculator to my arsenal of add ins … number 23 … reminding
all posters to check for when they are eligible for the S.P. ?

Also , the knock on effect on PIP … if a time limit imposed … transition to Attendance Allowance.

Post amended.

Thank you very VERY much for your replies
It seems like it will stay the same so no use rocking the boat for nothing :smiley:

Thank you again for the replies :smiley:

Your welcome , Angie.

Don’t forget that online benefits calculator.

One can never be sure that ALL monies out there ARE being claimed ?