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Hello All

Iv had DLA for17 years but always high mobility ad low care Now. Upgraded to pip last Xmas and. Ended up with high mobility and lower care which is or was mid in the old DLA. Which means wee can apply for the Carers allowance. I wife has. Been doing more than is required for the last 15 years as I is so wee was ok. On that But we was unsure if we would looose more than we would gain…

For instance I’m on ESA and in the support group nd I know we will loose between £30 - £36 out of my weekly ESA money if/when my wife gets the Carers allowance of just over £76 leaving us with between £30 - £36 extra. But then we though what about our housing and council tax benefits. Will they take any more off what we have left after they’ve already taken about half off the ESA payments?

So if. Anyone could help or advise with the above please. We would be very thankful. Also while we are asking is there anything else we ought to or you think we need to know before or during the application. We had originally going to do the application last March but all this Corvid 19 mess exploded and Iv been soo scared. Anyway we are going to get on with it now and. The first question we have is where it asks How long have you been caring for the person what should I put ? Do I put the. 18 years ago when I first did it. Or the date when we got the new pip benefit or 3 months ago or what. Because I know you can get some backdated allowance but am unsure how much

Anyway thank you and best regards OsH

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Put whatever date you feel is appropriate, usually it would be when PIP was awarded I think.
If you put it further back than they will pay, they will soon tell you!
Just get the application in, you’ve lost enough already.

Hi I have been following the psot for carers allowance I care for my daughter who has multiple disabilities I get esa in my own right l also receive a small works pension of £37 a wk I was told I qualify for carers premium but dwp deduct my pension from this so I receive nothing in carers allowance is this correct any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

You can only have one"income substitute" benefit. I get my pension so no Carers Allowance.

How old is your daughter? What benefits does she receive? If receiving benefits in her own right, and she lives with you, she should be contributing towards house hold expenses.

Carer's Allowance | Carers UK.

Occupational or personal pensions do not count as earnings and you can be paid Carer’s Allowance in addition to these. However, if you get extra Carer’s Allowance for your partner their occupational/personal pension could affect this extra amount (some carers previously received extra benefit for their partner as part of their Carer’s Allowance - this was called the adult dependant addition but is not available for new claims).

If you do receive taxable income such as occupational or personal pensions or part-time earnings you should inform the tax office about your Carer’s Allowance, because it is a taxable benefit.

One exception to the earnings rule is that if you are working during an allowed break in care, and are still receiving Carer’s Allowance, your earnings are ignored (you can see more information on breaks in care here).