ESA & Carers Allowance

Hi there

I currently receive CA for my daughter and have been working under the threshold for 2 years now. However I have recently become rather poorly with a condition that has come on thick and fast, which in turn has caused me to miss a lot of work and in turn, money.

I thought I should apply for ESA but have since found out that because I claim CA, I’ll only get the difference between the two, rather than both payments. So I will be considerably worse off! But how am I suppose to make up the money I’m losing from no longer being able to work?

Can someone advise please as I’m getting increasingly stressed. Maybe I’m better applying for PIP as it doesn’t take into account CA? :blink:

How old is your daughter?
Does she live with you?
Claiming all the benefits she is entitled to?
Have a package of care from Social Services?


She is 8, I’m claiming everything we are entitled to! It’s more about I’m having to leave work so losing that money, I presumed the ESA would cover that amount which is does but then I lose CA! So I would be £200 worse off a month through no fault of my own, that’s why I’m thinking PIP would be better!

And yes she lives with me

Phone the Carers UK helpline and or Citizens Advice.

Some carers on old legacy benefits i.e income support (this option is no longer available) and they also claim carers allowance.

Benefits have changed so much you need people who are knowledgeable with current system.

Read this link first …

New Style Employment and Support Allowance - GOV.UK > ( Last updated 24 March 2022)