Confused with change in esa after carers allowance


I have to claim carers allowance as I care for my husband. Just noticed they have reduced his ESA by 30 pound.

So all in all I get additional 60 per week but he looses 30

He’s on normal ESA nothing else apart from PIP

I wondered is the 30 pound deduction probably related to me claiming the carers allowance? Seems a little unfair but am I right in my thinking? I just waited 45 mins on hold to the benefits and had enough so.thought I’d ask you guys?

Hi Kate … welcome to the canteen.

Yep … sounds about right … robbing Richard to pay Paul.

PIP and ESA … I assume a support group and not a work related one ?

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): Overview - GOV.UK

Online benefits calculator for you to crunch some numbers to reflect the new position … and to ensure that ALL benefits / allowances out there are currently being claimed :

Universal credit rolled out on your manor ?

A little homework … then return to us for any further assistance.


Thanks for.reply

Not sure what you mean work related … so not sure how to respond haha

He was on esa and pip due to chronic pain in back and being unable to do a lot

Then went into a coma and caring for him so I applied and boom esa went down.

I guess in total we are 30 down and 60 up so 30 up…I guess it’s something.

Just didn’t realise they would deduct quite so much as the carers allowance was suppose to help me care for him and now he’s down on esa… confusing

Thanks for the links will check them out

Your welcome.


Comes in flavours … some pay out more than others.

If UC kicks in , that will change.