Carers allowance

I gave up work to look after my mum 6 years ago.
I was led to believe, if I claimed carers allowance, this would impact my mother pension & pip.
Is this correct please?
Thank you for any advice given.

Hi Maria.

No … claiming CA does NOT effect PIP / pension paid to your caree , your mother.

What have you living on for the past 6 years … savings … no earned income … been claiming ESA ?

If ESA , CA is not payable … the following will apply :

However you should still claim Carers Allowance, you will not receive payment, but you will be eligible for the Carer Premium in your ESA applicable amount.

Your present income (£125.05 ESA) will go up by the value of the Carer premium (£34.60) giving you £159.65 weekly ESA.

Out of curiosity , who mentioned that there was a problem ?

( Odds of 2-1 … on … a social worker ? )

On the caring side , anything we can help with … needs / carer assessments for instance ?

Same for benefits / housing / power of attorney / wills ?

You know where we are.

Claim what is rightfully yours. It’s really important to claim Carers Assessment if you are not working, because it gives you automatic National Insurance Credits. You may be able to claim Carers Credits for the years your were caring, but not claiming CA. It’s really important that you keep your NI situation up to date.

Mum will be receiving a little extra pension credit as she hasn’t said that she has a carer, and so that may go down very slightly.

Are you aware that mum needs to receive Attendance Allowance in order for you to receive CA? (That’s assuming she is over 65, under 65 it would be Disability Living Allowance or PIP). If not, get that claim in asap, as she may be entitled to a lot more money!!

Can I ask what is wrong with mum? There might be other things available to her as well.