Carers Allowance and ESA

Morning everyone,

I look after my mum who has Alzhiemers Dementia, she has been awarded Attendance Allowance so my father has suggested I claim Carers for her as I am there with her every day or night to help out. My problem with this is my partner claims ESA for his heart condition, will me claiming Carers for my mum affect his ESA, I work 10 hours per week so he doesnt get ESA for me just himself but I am on the claim, any advice would be helpful as I dont want to claim something that affects my partners ESA

Samantha, do you live with your parents, or your partner?
Do you parents know that mum has been exempt from Council Tax since the day of diagnosis of dementia?
Has mum had a Social Services Needs Assessment or an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment?
If not, make sure these are done, because it might be possible for you to be paid that way for the care you provide.