Whistleblowing abuse

New to the forum, first post. Terribly sorry if its long.
I worked in a care home 5 years ago, which I was unfairly dismissed due to “whistleblowing”, however they used the excuse that I improperly shared a photo to police regarding a missing vulnerable adult (we were allowed btw). I reported abuse from a member of staff to a vulnerable person that I supported which was ongoing, but never investigated. A year after I was fired, a new manager began working there, and furthermore began a crusade against me, getting me suspended from my new job, and calling two potential employers telling lies about me saying there was an ongoing police investigation regarding sexual abuse. I need to make clear right now that I have never and would never abuse anyone in any way. This same manager encouraged members of her team to ring safeguarding on me, to assassinate my character even further. She also went on to evict two vulnerable adults with lies regarding their character, purely because they bumped in to me from time to time. There is a lot more to this story as its incredibly complex, however need advice on who I could contact to discuss this with further. I had tried citizen’s advice and even hired a solicitor, but citizens advice told me “who said life was fair” and the solicitor took most of my savings before I realised how incompetent they were when they couldn’t get the details in the right order. I would appreciate any advice on moving forward, as I have unfortunately developed ptsd due to this.

Hi Sophie,

I suggest you contact ACAS.


Hello Sophie

Unfortunately we are not in a position to advise you as this is primarily a forum for those caring for relatives/friends in an unpaid, non-professional capacity.

I would echo Melly1’s suggestion that you contact ACAS.

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This lady, Eileen Chubb may be able to help or advise. I have her book and she is amazing