Curious - experiences - labour abuse

Hello there and new to the forum, and was wondering if anyone on here has had any problems with labour abuse within their company?
Basically today I found out that labour abuse is a thing and it’s when the Company takes advantage of the workers about pay, hours and such and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they’ve had similar experiences. So I worked in support work for 6 months and thats when it started. I would be doing a sleep in and then a day off but it wouldn’t be a day off. I would wake up and no staff member would turn up, so I’d ring the office and they’d ignore me and ignore me and I’d end up spending another 24 hours or even sometimes 48 hours in the house. Today I found out this is labour abuse as it’s forced upon you so was wondering if anyone had similar experiences within the care industry.

Hi Miss Charmaine,

this is a forum for those caring for family/friends.

I suggest you contact ACAS or join a union.



That’s not good.

Occurs to me that is what unpaid carers have all the time.

Hope you get it sorted