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My Gran has a couple of carers come in per day for wash/undress at bed. Which involves her being naked which as her grandson would feel uncomfortable doing.

One of the bedtime carers brought someone in and said they were shadowing if they like the job. She sat in the same room as my gran being undressed.

I have found out she was her mate and not shadowing at all
Appalled I contacted the manager who said she would investigate.
Week later I phoned and she’s still investigating!! Basically done nothing! She tried to put the blame on me saying I should’ve reported it earlier. I reported it as soon as I was made aware.
I have written to local authority and CQC.

Surely a carer bringing a friend into calls, and I know she’s done it recently too, is something that should be investigated promptly and a sackable offence?

I note you’ve already written to the local authority.

Anyone working with vulnerable adults needs to be vetted first.
If proved, the “carer” could be summarily dismissed for gross misconduct and the agency will have its safeguarding policies and procedures scrutinised thoroughly too.
Such a situation needs investigating. Councils are so strapped for cash they let agencies investigate their own complaints, even serious ones. Crazy because without “evidence” they’ll decide they don’t need to take any action.
Alternatively you could report it to the police. They may not have the manpower to investigate either but other vulnerable people may still be at risk so worth a try.


HB is right. Please go the safeguarding route. The LA will need to investigate.

Might also be worth having a word with the Police on the security breach this amounts to.

Care workers have to be CRB checked and should also be insured, so the “friend” would have neither done by the care agency, as she wasn’t employed by them!

The agency definitely need to know that this is happening, because in the event of an accident or theft, they would be in deep, deep trouble (to put it politely!)

Seems that Carer brought her friend telling you a fib. Probably her agency not knowing this.

Thank you for your reply.
I honestly can’t believe anyone would bring someone who wasn’t authorised into your home.
I have since contacted the partner of the company and asked for a full investigation.
Apparently a service user they contacted, who lives by me, received a phone call regarding this and they confirmed they too had the same “mate” arrive. They’ve had four confirm this and yet this worker Is still with the company.

Definitely, very naughty (if we can still use that word), and a sackable offence. Thanks for replying

Many thanks for replying! That is very interesting actually, I do agree with you if there was an accident or theft. It’s putting other care workers at risk too as they could be blamed if something happened.
I might look into police investigating.
Thank you again for replying

CRB checks are now called disclosure and barring. My last job was dealing with these. If you have doubt as a caree, you are entitled to ask if they have an up to date one. I doubt many carry the certificate with them, but it may be scary to someone to have it mentioned should the not have been checked. Agency staff in school’s very often carry theirs with them to save hassle.
Just a thought.

thank you HB for your in-depth reply. Really appreciate it.
It’s honestly disgusting, the carer who brought the “friend” in suggesting she was shadowing. This girl works for Birmingham NHS and has a badge (Found this on social media) as I was investigating myself.

that’s a brilliant idea contacting safeguarding as that was something I have not done. Thank you. I have now put my concerns into writing.
I also contacted the agencies parent company. Since, I have found out they have contacted other service users and one who lives close to me told me they asked questions and she also confirmed to them that this girl was in her home!

Regardless of who this girl is, its a massive breach and I can’t explain why this girl has not been suspended at worst.

Agree with what you say and the company was probably hoping it would go away so I thought I would contact their parent company. As you say using the term “shadowing” implies they knew about it! Trying to cover their tracks could get them into massive trouble.
I’m also considering contacting my local newspaper.

I have thought about cameras. That’s the next step!

As a full time carer I do feel responsible. We have carers for washing/undressing as I feel uncomfortable being the grandson. Most are great but this blotch could give a bad reputation to a company. Surely, they would cover themselves and investigate.suspend where necessary.

Yes, there are other vulnerable people who sadly might not have family and they are being put at risk.

thank you HB for your concern and really appreciate your thorough reply.

Take care and hopefully I’l post IF/when something happens.

Many thanks


thanks for your reply and I agree. Safeguarding route required. Thanks

Thank You for everyone who replied! Much appreciated.

Update - Manager of the parent company has emailed me saying investigation is ongoing but there isn’t a safeguarding concern! No suspension is required.

I find this disturbing and ethically/morally wrong!!

I will be emailing Police for advice and even my local newspaper!

Thank you all for your concerns and replies.

Now that you have this in writing, send a copy to the Care Quality Commission, who regulate services like this. The agency should be registered with CQC as they provide “personal care”.

Brilliant thank you!
I dd contact CQC a while ago. As you say, I have it in writing.

thank you

On a similar theme I have seen young female carers turn up in the car park music blaring with a boyfriend sitting in the passenger seat.
He listens to the music while the carer does their call.

He would find out where vulnerable clients live which surely should be confidential, if someone was dodgy could find out codes to key lockers etc.

Surely this shouldn’t be allowed?

I have sent you a private message.

This is shocking! Do you know which company they work for?

A safeguarding compliant is raised to the social services of your LA. It is good you have a response for the care agency company. It is not good enough for the company to say it’s not a safeguarding concern. They’re essentially fobbing you off, hoping you’ll go away.

Totally agree. I’ve gone one step further and involved the local MP. It’s quite shocking how a care agency can operate. Puts lots of vulnerable People out there exposed.
I’ve basically hit back saying the company would need DBS, photo id on record before shadowing. Plus why investigate if there’s nothing wrong?