Abuse from mental health support worker?

Hey guys was wondering if you know about mental health support workers. I reported mine

I was lucky I had a secret video of her as she was trying to lie about me and get me in trouble other nothing. Discription is in the link

I did the right thing to report her right she was not very professional at all right ?

I got mental health and in supported housing this lady is my support worker

I just hope she won’t be able to do this to anyone else with mental health I not slept for 2 days over this still getting over it

Take care anyway

I made a complaint about her previously as she was just rude and horrible to me I didn’t say nothing to her directly but told management then they sent her on training

She must of done her course on the back of a cornflakes box lol only thing she has supported is a headache lol

I get on with all the housing association staff and housemates I got a lot of love for them

But this lady I asked when I made my 1st complaint to not let her deal with me

So lucky I had the video as someone was on the way right away from head office to take a statement what happened

Every time she’s like this I can’t talk or say anything to her with out her massive attitude and not listing or letting me make my point or view very frustrating

She’s only been in the job 2 months I am.in shock of the unprofessionalim I been abused and bullied my whole life been homeless before this with depression anxiety panic attacks and sucisidle thourts I was arrested for being on a tall roof as I had a mental brake down realising my family support network is none exsitant and that my mum is a knife whiding narsasit

Just a bit about my situation

Please don’t be nothing like this lady who.only obviously cares about her pay check more then my wellbeing

All I do is clean up after everyone in the house too I got a reference from my landlord of 9 years that I am super clean and reliable

Peace out guys I hope everyone things peace and happiness in whatever they choose in life


Hello Al
I’m sorry to hear this and yes you should complaint a professional does do things correctly. You could also ask for an advocate to support you in making the formal complaint.

This forum is actually for unpaid family and friend carers, that is people who look after their family and friends and who are not 'professiona’l carers, so its not really the place to come to for advice in your situation. It’s not our area of experience, sorry

Sorry I didn’t know thanks for getting back to me

I wish everybody good health

Turkey tail mushrooms have super power apparently I hope it can come to some use. Want t contribute a tiny bit

All the best wishes for everybody to get through there hard times

Take care of yourself