Which home panic/Care/emergency alarm system?

Hi after failing to obtain the care packages we need this year and the social workers told us repeatedly we wouldnt get any of what we had before. All because the county council effectively went bust. We were both under adult social care for several years and were assessed as vulnerable adults. Both my partner and i are both quite ill and now we have no support. We are isolated and vulnerable and for that reason we need to set up an emergency call system of some type.

We both act as carers for each other and when are both ill then we have no care or support and nothing gets done.

I had a dreadful time with adult care and they behaved in a grossly unprofessional manner towards me. They behaved like some kind of very dodgy rogue traders. So there is no point being under their care seeing as i wouldnt have got my existing care needs supported. The DWP decided to have another go at forcing me to work by acting unlawfully and even lied to my MP. The DWP capitulated 2 weeks ago after months of them ignoring my letters. I am still very angry with the care team and the DWP. It has a negative impact on my health and my partners health. The DWP were blackmailing her too. Had it not been the DWP in this situation i would have been going to the police to report being blackmailed.

So I/we need to sort out an emergency alarm for each of us, the wearable types.
Any pointers for where to go to will be a great help thank you. :slight_smile:

We rent the Tunstall emergency call out system for £30 per month. Includes table unit and wrist band emergency button

Thank you Albert I will check that out online. Have you tried the wrist bands yet to see how much range they have?
I need something for when I’m outside in the back garden and my partner is in bed.

I’ve just taken the wrist band about 30ft outside and it worked OK.
Why not ask any supplier what their range is?