Alarms for the elderly


Recently I have been called by Telecare informing me to get a personal alarm for my mother there involves a fee😵is this right, as I can’t believe they charge this, or is it just because it’s a private company and not Adult Social Services?

Sorry I’ll have to get this out again, I just can’t believe they would charge for this service, let alone my disabled 90 year old with Alzheimer’s or for any our elderly over a certain age .

Or am I being unreasonable here in my thoughts?

Social Services can arrange for various telecare services to be provided. I think my mum paid around £3 a week. What figure have you been quoted?

Oh so you do usually get charged :flushed:. Yes I was quoted about the same BowlingBun, but she really isn’t that prone to falling, so I discussed that when they rang me up and the she suggested a free version, that links up to my mobile phone, they would end up phoning me anyway, wouldn’t they, I can’t recall how she said it works?

Anyway :thinking: thinking about it all last night, I live in Stratford east London and work in Islington, so my daily commute takes 45 mins to an hour, so I don’t know how this would pan out :woman_shrugging:

If your were unable to attend. The control centre would take on the task. Many alarms are connected to a mobile warden system. You would need to investigate each systems merits etc.

If an elderly person falls, they should NOT be picked up by a carer, but by trained ambulance staff, so they can check someone first, and the carer doesn’t damage their back. A friend of mine is quality control officer for a large ambulance service, and he is very happy to help in this way. Furthermore, they log the visit and report to the GP. It may highlight other health needs. Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance?

We had a system supplied and fitted completely free, (with nothing to pay since then) by SS after my wife had a fall.

The way ours works is that it senses any sudden drop of the pendant and calls the emergency phone number of the supplier, they can then talk to the pendant wearer, (who can be a surprising distance away from the alarm unit) and take the appropriate action.

If I were you I would contact your local SS or maybe their Occupational Therapist, and see if they can arrange something for you.

My wife had a pendant. When she passed away I took it over as I live alone.
One day I was working in my outside workshop and must have accidentally pressed the pendant.
Half an hour latter when indoors again I was in the kitchen and heard a noise in the front room.

The fright of my life as a strange man was in there. Apparently as I had not answered after pressing the alarm they sent out someone to see if I was ill.

He got into my house using the key from the outside keylock which the
alarm people know the number of.

So the system does work !

I forgot to mention that the council provided my son with LD with an “Oysta” phone, which has a tracker (he decided to go for a walk one day and no one knew where he was!)
One day, as we were packing up his stuff to go back to his flat, I dropped the phone, and a few moments later, there was a voice say “M, are you alright?” I was very impressed.
If he’s forgotten to charge it, they ring him and leave a message on his phone.
I’m usually complaining about Hampshire CC, but this is very good indeed. Nice to be able to give praise for a change.