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brother ( carer) in critical ward. what help can I get immediately for sister-in- law ( caree ) who lives 100 miles away

Hi Peter.

There should be an Emergency Unit inside the Social Services department of the Local Authority.

That would be my first call.

Many LA’s are listed through an Internet search … SOCIAL SERVICES EMERGENCY TEAMS.

Ring the local office of Social Services. Depending on the needs of Sister in Law (SIL) she can either have the option of emergency carers, emergency respite care in a care or nursing home, or hospital.

Probably a bit late but the hospital should have social workers who can get this sorted for you. Hope your brother gets well soon.

I was advised to contact The Princess Royal Trust to cover for me in case of any emergency, they came and made a very thorough assessment of what would be required if I was suddenly incapable of caring for my wife. I think they only cover Hampshire, and it’s only for a couple of days, but It’s reassuring to know that it’s in place in the event that it’s required.


I don’t think it’s only Hampshire, I think they’re nationwide. I think they renamed themselves Carers’ Trust but are often still called Princess Royal …

Good call , Ayjay !

Help & Info - Support for Unpaid Carers | Carers Trust


Emergency schemes for carers.

Date Revised: 07/02/19

Many local carer services and local councils offer carer schemes where an emergency plan can be put into action if you have a caring emergency.

Most of these schemes are free.

How do the schemes work ?
Each of the schemes will work slightly differently so check with your local carer service about what is available where you live.

Usually you willl need to carry a card with you at all times. In an emergency, anyone who finds this card will know you are a carer and that there is someone relying on your support.

( Card ? No definition on the CT site as to what this is ! )

They can ring the phone number on the card and that will go through to a 24-hour-a-day call centre. The call centre will have your emergency plan that says what you would like to happen in the event of an emergency.

This may be as simple as calling someone else you know who can care for the person you usually look after until you are better. Some schemes include some emergency care from your local council but check with the scheme where you live.

These schemes don’t usually cover you if you have something planned, such as an appointment, and need short-term replacement care.

Next update due: February 2020

INTERNET SEARCH … CARERS TRUST CENTRES ( ADD YOUR MANOR ) … a case of pinning down one’s local one !

( Adding WORKSOP gives me NOTTINGHAM AND SHEFFIELD … hardly local … 30 / 40 minutes by train , then bus ? )
Despite being a separate … and often rival organisation … in this instance , vital for CUK to made this known to us !!!Another case of US having to dig for vital information that should have been readily available !!!

There is only ONE Carerland , why TWO organisations ?

Are the sticking plasters any different ?

As I understand it the Hampshire ones come to you so it doesn’t matter how far away you are.

In an emergency situation … I would presume " Yes. "

Going back to my caring days … now more than a decade ago … Essex then Suffolk … it was a case of getting
yourself to them … 18 / 46 miles respectively.

( Now a separate thread for the Carers Trust Emergency Scheme … thanks initially to Ayjay : https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-and-advice/all-about-caring/carers-trust-emergency-scheme-for-family-carers-37095 )

I was told they come to you for the planning too.

One can only test the response from each Centre on / near to their manor.

From memory , 55 in operation … some are affliates … akin to franchises … so long as their sing from the same hymn sheet ?

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire are contracted to provide the Emergency Carers Scheme, so I’m sure the County Council pay them for the service.
It’s a very good scheme, although I’m also signed up, I hope I never have to use it!

A little more research.

Some LAs DO provide a Carers Emergency Card … a real postcode lottery this one.

Other organisations do provide general advice … Marie Curie organisation being a prime example :

Planning for emergencies as a carer

Emergency plan ?

Sounds great … obviously , if you are involved in a R.T.A. or some other situations , how does said emergency plan
get into the hands of someone who could impliment it ???

Add on the numerous LONE carers amongst our ranks and … said plan would falldown at the first hurdle ?

In Hampshire, you have a special key ring that says to ring Princess Royal Trust for Carers. I also used to have a card in my purse that said “I am a carer…”

Consider Hampshire fortunate , BB.

Absolutely nothing in Bassetlaw ( Worksop ) , not even a branch of any major charity … a town / gulag of 30,000 inmates.

Even a passing Shelter employee once quipped it would cheaper for the Nottingham branch to buy him a weekly season ticket
on the train to Worksop !

The hospital your brother is in may have a PALS service

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) offers confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters. They provide a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers.

You can find officers from PALS in your local hospital

Details should be available at reception, or from a member of staff on his ward. Plus as others have already suggested, ask to speak to hospital social worker for advice.


It’s not often Hampshire can be accused of being fortunate on anything in Carerland. It always sounded to me like they were trying to formalize pressganged family members/friends to be alternative carers in an emergency so naturally SS were only too keen to embrace it. As it only covers 48 hours it just sorts out the short term problem long enough for the burden of long term solutions to be dumped squarely back on the carer’s shoulders.

As you will have gathered I’m a refusenik of this scheme so I may be totally wrong but anything SS were pushing that hard it had to have more benefits for them than for me, didn’t it? Also they said they were going to organize an appointment for me but never bothered, as usual.

Incidentally Chris, is that a new photo or is it just me that’s only just noticed it?

Be aware some PALS are much better than others and will take on more or less wide ranging issues. Hopefully, yours will be one of the better ones.


Incidentally Chris, is that a new photo or is it just me that’s only just noticed it ?

Old one , I’ve shaved since then … and the bars have been polished.