Any wristband alert devices?

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My mum had a stroke a year back and has been on the road to recovery for a while - some weakness but all in all not too bad. Lately however her hip has dislocated and is causing her a lot of issues getting around (she has a belt on holding it in place until an operation). My dad is around the house mostly but does go out to his garage to tinker or out for a bike ride.

I’m wondering, is there like a pair of wristbands they could wear so if mum falls she can press it and it’ll alert dads wristband he needs to come back to the house?


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there is information here


Thanks Melly that’s a great place to start! So from the sounds of it I’m looking for a Personal Alarm, however the ones I’ve found online seem to call a help centre or private firm. Does anybody know of one that simply alerts a carer? Ideally on their own wrist band so they can carry it around easily. Thanks so much for any help!


not all contact a call centre e.g.


A cheap (non smart )mobile phone can be set to fast dial. All she has to do is press a single button and other mobile will ring.
My wife and I had one each to warn each other by a single button press

You could also try a wireless door bell - you keep the half that rings and your wife has the bell push which she can use when she needs you (the bell push is small enough to tuck into a pocket).

Something like this

We have Lifeline and they are really good. We’ve only needed them once for a real emergency (mostly it’s mum hitting the button by mistake) but they answer instantly and are really lovely. Recently we had a power cut and they called because they weren’t getting a signal, it’s expensive but, I think, worth it.

Lifelines are usually available from the council at minimal charge. Well worth it for reassurance, so the carer knows their carer can always call for help.