Best personal alarm?

It’s so hard comparing one company’s pricing/contracts with another. Does anyone have any recommendations or red flag warnings? I have heard that personal alarms at best can be life-saving but have also heard that they are sometimes poorly monitored, extremely expensive and that contracts are difficult to exit if needs change.

Any advice or help anyone has to offer would be much appreciated. I live near my Mum who is now living alone.

You might be better trying your local authority in the first instance.

I echo that the best deal is through the local council
You don’t get anything more through going privately other than higher costs

Ps nice to hear from you again freetoleave. :slight_smile: how’s things?

Definitely through the council. About £3 per week here I think. Well managed, prompt, everything you could wish for.

Hello again MrsAverage and Bowling Bun. Struggling on here! Hope all is well with you both as well.

I’m pretty sure I did try contacting LA some time ago but that they neither operate nor recommend any personal alarm systems. Is this unusual? Do most LAs provide this service? (our Council Tax is among the most expensive in the UK so I’ll be fed-up if they’re not adequately discharging their responsibilities to vulnerable people).

I then tried comparing private providers but found it impossible to make direct comparisons. They were very big on sales literature but rather short on useful, timely information. I couldn’t find a Which Report to help.

Thanks for your help.

C****ommunity alarm schemes … just enter your post code :

Apply for a community alarm - GOV.UK

AGE UK … never leave them out of the equation :
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WHICH … for an independent view :
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Here the alarm system is provided by the District council, whereas social care etc is by the County Council, which is I believe known as the LA

IN Hampshire, the County Council runs Social Services, but the local council arranges the telecare service. It was brilliant for my mum.