Wheres the assessment?


I need some advice ladies and gentleman, of who to speak too regarding why I haven’t been properly assessed?

I got in from work today, only to find a letter addressed to me and my mother, it turned out to be from her care home, an invoice!!, bit of a shock to say the least, as I thought you were suppose to have a proper assessment of your finances, nobody has done that, they have just skirted round the subject, nothing actually concrete, so it just come out of the blue and I am fuming, as naturally most places shut after a certain time, and to make matters worse its the weekend so I will have to wait until Monday, which is frustrating.

Also I let the DWP know regarding her AA that she’s in a home, but it was deemed only respite to start with and now its clear, its more long term, but as I never found out till recently they stopped paying her AA on the 3rd May, but now I really think I should phone them back, as if I do have to start paying this monthly, it would help with the fees considerably.

But I wonder, how does it work, I mean do Social Services come round to assess you or do they just call, don’t you have to fill out a form regarding all your finances, surely you have to sign something to say how much you would contribute?


you shouldn’t be paying for her care. She definitely needs a financial assessment and that will decide if her care is free or she needs to contribute to the cost or pay all of it.

This information may be helpful to you Search

Carers Uk will also have information on their main website Help and advice | Carers UK


Hi Melly

Thank you, I’ll read up on that. :kissing_heart:

I have heard they do a financial assessment of my mothers finances, but I’ve yet to do anything regarding that with the Social, as they haven’t done anything about that, I suppose I am just am at a loss who to contact about this, looking back on my reply I suppose it is SS.

The most frustrating thing is, it landed on my mat Friday and I didn’t pick it up till later, so now I can’t even ring about it, as admin at the care home don’t work weekends, also I tried ringing adult social care, as mentioned I assume that’s who I have to call as they do the assessment, and no response there.

I hope they are not taking into account that I work and my finances , as they should do it just based on my mother’s, so the only finances she has is a joint account with me, so I guess half of that would be hers, which is barely £15000 and a state pension, as for her her AA that has now stopped, as I reported a change in circumstances.


Hi Samantha,

These things always seem to happen at a weekend! Which adds to the stress.

Do not pay the bill.

Your savings and earnings are not taken into account.

Does your Mum own her house?


Hi Melly

Yes it was quite frustrating, no this is a rented property in Joint names, so that doesn’t count.

I have now contact the Financial Assessment Dept and I should get one soon, ah too late, I contacted the office that sent me the invoice and apparently they had a letter to go ahead and charge the basic rate they do in these circumstances, but the Financial Dept have no knowledge of this, but to get the outstanding fee out the way I unfortunately paid it as i
was advised by them and it wasn’t that much anyway, as they said it will adjust accordingly and I will either get a refund, or I will be in credit, if I saw your message in time I would of thought twice, as I wonder now though, if that was such a good idea as the Social might notice this and think she can afford that so why do an assessment, I wouldn’t of paid it, but I just wanted it out the way as they give you a certain time to pay, so that’s a weight of my mind, now I will just push for the assessment.

I wondered I have already stopped her AA, would I need to contact HB as we get that currently, although thinking about I should, so I’ve probably answered my own question there Melly, also I don’t know if you know, but what happens to her State Pension while she is in the care home, a social worker tried to tell me but I couldn’t really hear or understand her :woman_shrugging:, it sounded like it goes to the home and she gets pocket money :yen:, I’m not to sure about that, as I said I couldn’t hear properly?

Also stupid question :raising_hand_woman:as I think I don’t as if you work you are not entitled to any help, but just thought I would ask, so I don’t know if you know, but the wage I take home is not much, and that’s before deductions thus I fear I would struggle to pay all the bills and rent, this my question would I still be able to get help, I mean HB wise or Council Tax, as I fear I’m going to be paying in full for these without help, and as I am on my own now it will be quite difficult to say the least?


Hi Samantha,

Don’t pay anymore towards her care and don’t sign any contracts. When everything else is sorted, we will advise you how to get that money back.

Your Mum will have a means test to see what she should pay towards her care, her pension will be considered in that calculation. She must be left with at least £24.90 or thereabout per week. There is information here How moving into a care home affects your pension and benefits - Which?

If you are on a low income, you may be able to claim Universal Credit to supplement your income. Beware this is a very stressful process(!) I help S claim it. You may also be able to get a single person discount on your council tax.
There is a benefits calculator here Turn2us Benefits Calculator

I think you would really benefit from talking this all through with the helpline: Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (advice@carersuk.org)