Care Home - Financial Assessment

Hi everyone, nice to meet you :slight_smile: Essentially we have to put Mum in to a care home, she has advanced Alzheimer’s and my 88yo Dad can’t cope as her main carer anymore. I don’t live locally so can only get to them 2 or 3 days a week to help out. We have tried to keep her at home as long as possible, but she will be better off with the care a home can provide.

Almost a year ago we had a financial assessment done and Mum was declared a self-funder, at the time my parents had all their money in one account but since then I have executed my POA and separated their finances out so they have their own accounts, to mitigate any financial impact on Dad. When they had their joint account they had some significant costs which directly related to my mother’s conditions - a stairlift, a car to help Dad get her to places (she also has vertigo and and is disabled) and they had to have the bathroom converted to an accessible bathroom for her - these all totalled around £16,000.

When I split their money in to two accounts, i “repaid” my Dad half of the £16,000 for the costs incurred due to Mum’s conditions - effectively meaning that Mum has paid 100% of costs relating to supporting her illness/disabilities. We are now going through a second financial assessment and the lawyer for social services says they won’t accept the adjustment made to my father for the costs relating to Mum’s disabilities. This seems very unfair to me, and seems to go against what the lawyer told me a year ago that any costs relating to supporting my Mum will be considered when assessing her finances. If they did accept the adjustment it would mean my Mum would be just under the £23,500 cap where Social Services have to step in and help pay for care.

Has anyone had any experience of doing similar? I would be really interested to hear of outcomes. Or if there are legal types on here, thoughts on whether what I have done should be considered, or am I being unreasonable? Thanks x

(I have also asked Social Services why they have gone straight to a financial assessment before doing a health assessment for CHC, but awaiting their answer!)

Hi Feral,
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Definitely an anxious time.

Always keep copies of forms you fill in so that you can refer back to them and have the info if you need to reapply in the future.