Care home financial assesment or lack of?

Hi Im new here , to cut a long story short ish , my nan had a fall and broke her hop and the hospital sent her for rest bite, it was agreed with social workers that it is unsafe for her to go home and advised she remain in permanent care , she owns a property which we have cleared out and sold, but it doesn’t take a few days for things to go through so we were offered a 12 week disregard and in this 12 week assessments and a financial assessment would be done . . we had the forms filled them in supplied everything they needed and we have heard nothing back . her care home ring me almost daily asking me for £6500 ?? i am constantly calling out social worker who never ever returns my call i have contacted the financial assessment office to just get a voicemail what can i do im at my witts end thank you in advance

Hi Lisa.

My immediate thought is to tell the care home to " Get lost " pending the financial assessment.

Only then will everyone know whats required from a financial viewpoint.

To confirm , have a word with the experts , AGE UK :

I have assumed that CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is NOT part of the equation here ???

( If i were to add that ALL care is FREE under CHC , would that spark your interest ? After all , someone has to look after
your grandmother’s interests when she cannot ? )

A few other considerations … will / power of attorney / Attendance Allowance ?

hi and thank you . i am a little disgruntled and to be honest the 12 week disregard is not officially up till the 17th sept. they gave us this 12 week disregard to enable us to sell the house which we have done but there are no funds etc as of yet. they are currently asking a structural survey so i can only assume the ££ will be a long way yet.

It is understood that at the end of her money my mum will top the fees up as the council will only pay half £491 a week i think )

this is the first time we have ever done this so we dont really know what we are doing other than stressing atm

… in which case , an exploration of the AGE UK web site is HIGHLY recommended :

A - Z … and beyond … covering ALL aspects of residential care … down to the last 1p.

Top up fees to kick off ?


thank you ill look now

Your welcome.

Feel free to bounce anything off us on the caring front.

Just to clarify … the 12-week disregard of property was not “offered” or “given” by the LA - it is a legal right, as per:

If your home is included in the financial assessment, it is disregarded for
the first 12 weeks of a permanent care home placement. This allows you
time to sell the property or arrange deferred payments with the local

Taken from AgeUK’s factsheet on paying for residential care.

Write a formal complaint to the Complaints Officer at the Social Services HQ, NOT the local office. Send the letter by Recorded Delivery. You may be able to do it online.
Legally, YOU did not arrange the respite care, it was arranged by the council or hospital and THEY are responsible for payment. Return the account to the care home and ask them to send it to Social Services. Don’t do this yourself. You are not a party to the contract! (I have studied Business Law).