when to let go

One of my carees died almost 6 months ago now, I am still arguing with the hospital , I am convinced that the lack of proper care led to his death.
And I feel that as well Social Services should have done a lot more for both unpaid carer and caree, neither of us were treated at all fairly.
I am considering putting in a complaint about Social Services, maybe it will make a diference for the next person? I doubt it but there were just so many issues causing him and me and a lot of stress.

Should I just draw a line and say whats done is done, I don’t know and who can help with this?
Is this any organisation that deals with this issue?
A miscarriage of justice in the medical/social care field.
I am still deeply upset at my friends death, I made sure he had a good send off, that’s what he would have wanted and will remember him on special days.

I think you would really benefit from some counselling now, someone to go though everything in a non judgemental way, to help you decide what to do, and where to go from here with your own life.