caree passed away

Actually a few weeks ago this happened, I have just been totally hit for 6 , dazed, lost confused stunned.

He had been in hospital was going to be discharged, I went to the hospital, hello I am here to see, staff looked at each other , one nurse on the phone, I was ushered into the visitors room , I am very sorry. He had just passed away, he had been ill but expected to get better, go home, unexpected death?
He just didn’t have anyone else, lived on his own etc, I was his emergency contact.

Myself and a long term friend are arranging his funeral, its what he would have wanted, and have the task of clearing his house, years and years of memorys,.
He stated in a chat that he wanted his belongings to help charitys and that’s what we have done.
Just can’t believe it, really going to miss him, wasn’t just a caree, a friend who was willing to chat the night away.

There was no will, just didn’t beleive in that sort of thing, just enough cash for his funeral and thats that.

Will be really missed by all around his neighbourhood.

So sorry to hear this Londonbound, such a shock.

Remind me , please, you have multiple carees don’t you? Is this the one who was a friend but not living with you?

Thinking of you Londonbound and sending cyber support.

What a nasty shock.


So sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t image how difficult this must be given how sudden everything was. Our thoughts are with you

So sorry to read your news Londonbound, be kind to yourself. So difficult sorting through his belongings but good you will be helping others with contents.

To update people, I live on an estate with a high amount of elderly disabled but very little support.

So quite a few carees, some can mostly manage, some need a lot of support, we all muck in together help each other.

My caree was a good friend but disabled, needed extra support but just not available, I helped with shopping, cooking meals, and just general support.

I’m sure they were grateful for all your help.