Hi , I’m Marie I was a unpaid Carer for my friend who has dementia . I need advice her spouse was diagnosed with cancer July as terminal . I looked after her free of charge for weeks I was with her 16 hours a day her children did hardy any . he died end September I carried on atere utilihadcocerns about her as her children ignored them they duped her in a home after givei g her extra U preside liquid medication which consisted to 3 falls that week as was in hospitel for a couple only been home a week . had capacity in sense knew me knew her children wasn’t there for her as I was they weren’t emotionally and phyicley eve day her husband died they rang e go stay with her . told her restbite only kept her in they stopped my visits can’t have any contact at all I don’t even know we’re she is . social services never listened to my concerns safeguarding ne’er car to my home as arranged they ignore my emails calls . I know in next step in community care court of protection I’m fighting for my friends rights . as in law Demetria classed as a disability human rights stripped only contact I’ve had authority was saying she lost capacity and needs accessing again I don’t believe that as long her husband her home and only friend she has me in 8 weeks . utterly disgusted sorry for misspelling myipad is braking any help advice would be fab the authority rang 3 weeks ago to say they have received lawyers letter that someone be I contact few days no one has yet . social care has many flaws that need changeing iknow were I stand in law it’s a dead certain contact will be resumed

Where do you think she is?
Hospital, care home, or family?
Do you suspect financial abuse?
Deprivation of Liberty?

In a care home doubt be with family no one was there for her when she neede them she’s not under dols I’ve searched records . not under court of protection

Do you know who arranged the care home placement?
Do you know which home she is in?

Yes I do her children it was a set up put her in there I’ve known her 31 years helped her last 8 I herd them her children say mid August when this over she’s gone pointed to there mum with nod of the head . not very nice children a lot of history there family secrets I know because she told me . not all families are close resentment there I saw it no I don’t know we’re she is yet but I will soon I’ve lawyers on it

Her children was looking for a home for her before X mas they never told her its illegel in community care law and under court of protection

Forgot to mention I’m 24/7 full time carer my self I took this role on for my friend as any good friend would do

Any one know how why social services who collaborated with the children want me have supervised contact on non valid proper reason . Considering her children drugged her up neglected her failed safeguarding investigation on them . all I said to her was I know you shouldn’t be in a home at that time had capacity what a stupid excuse obveriousley rejected it complained further have a community care court of protection legal in place at my own cost . Have you ever know stupid reason like this ???for supervised considering I was unpaid carer did every thing for her her children zilch . Theyl pay the price local authority for not listening turning it on me on best intrest il fight them no matter how much it costs failures within that authority any one else been threw this

Had phone contact with my friend . After 7 months know we’re she is too Awww was amazing her telling me she misses me loves me aww I told her the same . Know local authority want supervised face to face I told them no reason is only because I told her she should be in a home 7 months ago . As no ther failed to investigate her children under safeguarding guidelines I’m no risk I cared for her free 16 hours a day . my legal team involved still persue contact face to face once restrictions lifted . disgusted and shocked flaws in social care . Failings my local authority il be seeing my friend un supervised authority are doing what children asked them . Got all proof documentation I kept good job really any advice how can be a risk abonable I told the authority il proof them wrong I’m right all along