18 months now

It has been 18 months now since my friend died, i just cannot believe it, time has gone so fast.

I saved a lot of his personal possessions, photos etc , they are in my spare room but i just haven’t been in there, just can’t face it.

I have seen on my estate, when people die everything goes in the skip, theres no respect, no thought of possible family who may turn up months later.

Despite asking, never received any bereavement support, has to go through the gp who refused.

I am now suicidal and again been told to contact the Samaritans but i am still an unpaid carer to my wife and others, how about proper unpaid carer support that would help.
It is just diabolical the way unpaid carers are treated, years of caring and no support provided, your caree is gone and again no one cares.

It really is a tough situation, my heart goes out to you. My mother passed away six months ago. So I am glad such a sub forum is on via Carers UK forum.

I seem to be coping fairly well, although at times it just hits me. I guess you can ask how I cope though.

I am glad you are at least respecting past possessions for memories. It is at least some form of respect, although I admit bereavement support certainly is lacking these days. The corona-virus complicates services as well.

Hello Londonbound. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
It sounds to me as though you are going through a very tough time.
Yesterday you felt as though you did not want to be here anymore, but those feelings will pass. Things change - sometimes unexpectedly. I really hope that things get better for you.