What happens when the Carer gets sick

Just going through an interesting experience. Having been diagnosed with cancer fortunately localised (early stage) and operable but still a shock. When I sought support from Social Services there was nothing there. I have a contingency plan but for a few days my brain was scrambled could not think straight. With the help of our son and friends I have got through the last few weeks. I have had surgery and still need another small OP. But my caring role continues a pace.
There should be more support at such times. Our son had to use holidays to look after my Wife and his Nan. :

Sorry to hear of you recent diagnosis!

Social Services should have in place. If there has be needs assessment. For you and your caree. The plan should state what needs to happen to keep care in place. This should also cover emergencies situations.

You need to go back to Social Services and demand a home visit. To discuss a review of the current care plan.

Care plans have to be review when there is a change. Don’t be fob off or put off! If you feel unwell and too stress if appropriate ask your son.

Our cancer unit have a massive wall of leaflets of support places, has yours?, I did ask and they advised the Citizens Advice for help with care issues.