Needs Assessment?

I have long term chronic health problems and i am an unpaid carer.

I have been told I need a needs assessment but surely as well i need a carers assessment.

But will the Needs assessment provide treatment for my health issues, NO.

I can wash and dress myself, cook meals, clean the house etc AND look after my caree.

From my experience it is only the very disabled (wheelchair bound) that get minimum care.

So what help will i actually get?

Again i don’t think this lady advising me doesn’t understand.

Telling me that if i contact Social Services they will help.

No thats why i had to care for my friend for years and provide him support as the Social Services just wouldn’t provide the full support he needed.

I just don’t understand any of this, i just seem to be passed on from department to department.


Telling me that if i contact Social Services they will help


I find it’s better to tell them what you need.

Do the thinking for them after all. They don’t live your life.

Don’t worry what’s available through funding. Just make sure it’s all written down.

I think needs assessments and carers assessment titles get confused.

It should be both together.