Wanting to go on a day out

Hi all,

So of lately I’ve been feeling very trapped and claustrophobic. Finances haven’t helped.

I’ve realised I just need some time away just to be myself again. The other day I noticed there was an event happening in Liverpool which I really want to go to. It’s a 3hr train ride. With minimum wage going up I’m in a better position to afford it. I planned to go to a smaller one in my home town the week previous, but these larger ones are often much better.

I usually go to these events if they are closer to me, however this one is the furthest. I really want to go.

I can put the money forward for all the train tickets and normal tickets, however I keep having an absolute nagging feeling in my mind.

This is how I feel a lot, I feel like my mind plays ‘what ifs’ with me all the time, because let’s be honest mum has a million mini disasters usually caused by her lack of responsibility all the time. I feel like she will have some sort of mini disaster that I will have to sort out and spend loads on a train ticket.

It’s on a Saturday too, the problem with that is most of mums mini disasters happen on a Saturday, I just don’t know what to do.


Try changing the theme of your, 'What ifs?"

Ask yourself, what if it all goes to plan?
What if there are no problems with your Mum?
What if you have a fab time? What would that look like?


I hope you do go to your event and that goes well and you can have more fun time.
Goood luck :four_leaf_clover:

And this is exactly it really. I think my own OCD is playing a major issue with things, but it’s also fuelled by my role as a carer and having to always deal with emergencies all the time.