Visiting a Former Client

Hi all,

I used to work for a care company where I would visit regular clients. I have recently left the company and was wondering if anyone knows the law on my visiting these clients now I’m no longer working for the company?
I built up a fantastic relationship with several of them and would really like to visit them on occasion for a cup of tea but I’m not sure if this is allowed now I have left the company? I want to stay on the right side of the law!


Hi Louise
This is actually a forum for unpaid family and friend carers, but we have had this question before.
It is probably detailed in your employment contract with your employer what you can and can’t do regarding clients after you leave.
Most contracts have a clause where you are told not to contact clients for a set period of time. This is usually to prevent you taking them on as private clients, or through another agency to protect the original employer’s business.

So read the contract you were given when you were taken on.
Whether such a clause is legally enforceable I don’t know, but you’d need to decide whether to risk it. The waiting period is normally only a few months and if they are genuine friendships will survive a wait.