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Hello,My Husband has a carer who works for an agency under zero contract.She has booked her holiday for a month in August/September for a month.But the head office have said that this is no longer allowed & they need to know the reason why she is taking a month off.Please can someone give me a free telephone number of some one to help her with employment law.regards Amanda

Work - Citizens Advice

CAB suffice ?

Sadly Citizens advice very unhelpful indeed.This carer has been with her currant agency for 15 years,& has always had a month off to go back to her home country of Bulgaria. She & her Husband work very long hours,& the agency couldn’t care less.regards Amanda h

ACAS are the experts in Employment Law. Really helpful to me when I was doing EL as part of my degree!!

Hi Amanda
Sadly all too common in paid carer land. I’m on a zero hour contract but wasn’t allowed any holiday at all last year from March until November! No wonder staff turn over is enormous. Even with zero hour contracts you have to abide by the rules if you want the work. Given I’ had a major bereavement in December the year before I was none too impressed.

Hi I am trying to help this carer & think she will leavethiscompany as they we going o report her to head office if she takes more than two seeks off.Shesbeen with the company for 15years works over 80 hours a week.Shs already got her tickets.The Cab were not very helpful.regards Amandah

Not the answer you are looking for but to be honest there are thousands of care companies out there and she would do far better to change company by the sounds of it.