Returning to U.K after 8 week break at home in S.A

Hello everyone!
I’m new to this group and I just need to talk to other carers who can relate to me.
I return to Wales each time and look after my client for 3 weeks at a time, then agency will give me other assignments, I go for 2 months at a time. I’m returning on the 27th Jan and feel soo unsettled about it as I had a terrible experience with an assignment in which I asked to be removed which they did. Now feeling apprehensive about it all. Anyone else having second thoughts about returning?

Anyone else having second thoughts about returning?

Returning ?

Many of the 8.6 million family / kinship carers would welcome a couple of hours off every week / month or so.

Most are chained to their carees , as to replace themselves as carers is beyond their financial means.

Hello Carole

Carers UK is a charity supporting and advising those who care for friends/family in an unpaid, non-professional capacity. So as Chris has indicated I regret that our forum members cannot relate to your problem. Caring 24/7/365 means that we are lucky to get a few hours ‘time off’, let alone 8 weeks !

Hi Carole


I’m a bit puzzled… are you going back to the same client where you had a terrible experience…if so, why…what happened?

If it was that bad, I personally would do another job!

You have that Choice!

Most carers don’t.

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