Couple of questions

Hello guys. Ik working like support worker (care) from 4 years already. I work in company located in Coventry. There are some questions I need to ask because I think the company is lying to us for many reasons.

  1. Do you think is normal the owner of the company to ask us to insure the company cars on our names? When the register keeper of the car will be him?
  2. They want from us to take care about the company cars (etc bring her to garage when there is issues) in our brakes or days off.
  3. Do they have to pay travelling time when there is much time between clients and from other side they make u stay minimum of 20 minutes in the clients houses because of log in.
  4. Do they have the right to create they own company policy over law?

Sorry if I didn’t post it to the correct section but I really need help. There are a lot of problems with this company and I really need help. Please. Thanks

This forum is for family carers only.
However, having studied Business Law in the past, your employer is asking you to do things that they shouldn’t.
Do you have a written contract?
If you search for ACAS you will find the UK experts in Employment Law, who can give you a proper answer.