Advice needed

Hi all
I’m after some opinions/advice. I currently work for a very good care company. I look after one lady for 24 hours per week. A girl I work with who used to be this lady’s carer has continued visiting my lady since she quit then came back to the company. She visits 2 sometimes 3 times per week, while I’m there and working for her. She comes in, drinks coffee eats her lunch then leaves. The company have now told her this is a conflict of interest and she’s not to visit whilst her and the client are with our company. What do you all think

Seems one for either the employer … possibly the local LA … and / or the Union … probably Unison.

I’m struggling to see how we can help … as we are family / kinship carers.

Our world … CarerLand … is on another planet when compared with the paid care worker sector.

None of the rights / pay / conditions / pensions / holiday and sick leave / Emplotment Law etc etc. enjoyed in the latter sector apply to ANY of the 7.8 million+ of us.

A few members do juggle work with caring … a couple actually work on the other side of the fence as care workers.

Perhaps they would care to comment ?

Out of sheer curiosity , does this thread on the problems on your side of the fence effect you ?

If so , there will be a lot of sympathy on here for you … said issue also effects our carees . and through them , us !

Sounds a bit odd. Has the person you care for become friends with her former carer and welcomes her in as a friend? Is the former carer visiting between her other visits, simply out of convenience as a convient place to stop and have lunch before her next appointment??

I think you’ve said it all, the Company you work for have told her to stop.
But as a carer it’s so easy to get attached to people.

The simple question should be down to the person you “care” for. If she prefers and is close to the previous carer, step back.

difficult one here.
I would watch and wait really. it could well be that the lady you care for has formed an attachment to her ex carer and in that case its good, and she is just being a friend. however, if you think there is something else behind it, I cant imagine what, then it might be worth mentioning it to your employer, that she is still coming.
sometimes its hard to undestand rules and regulations of these companies, but i am sure they have reasons for this though.

Hi Jean
Most good care companies will have a clause in their employment contract to say a carer must have no contact with client for up to six months after leaving the company. This is to protect their business intrerests and to safeguard the client from abuse.
A good care company will also ensure it’s staff have no contact with teh client outside the scheduled care visits. This again is to protect their client from abuse for safeguarding purposes and also to ensure the member of staff and client are covered by business liability insurance.
It is very unprofessional of this carer to be doing what she is doing and quite right that the care agencies have told her to stop visiting in these circunstaces.

Maybe " Unprofessional " but … is there not a human element here ?

( I should have spotted that aspect sooner ! )

Someone going beyond a job description … and going the extra mile to help a vulnerable person ?

Cut’s no ice with any care agency running to make a profit but … actual paid care workers themselves ?

Where does that fit in with today’s " Care " industry ?

" Sorry luv , only 10 minutes today , bit behind. Sign me time sheet as a good girl ( 30 minutes ? ). Oh , nothing in the fridge ? I’ll drop back later with some supplies when I finish me rounds ? "

Even that gesture gives a slightly different meaning to the word " Caring " … ?

Just ask AGE UK … over one million of our senior citizens live alone … including me … and that figure is increasing.

One consolation ?

As family / kinship carers , we don’t have that problem … thankfully ?

How about on the other side of the fence … paid care workers … " Caring " beyond their measly pay packet ?

A blue whale of a conundrum ?

Is " Care " geared to need or … how much one has in the bank ?

Perhaps the word SHOULD instead of IS ?

That Green Paper … only weeks away now.


One for Jean , the thread author … young paid care worker … a P60 or … a medal ?

What started off as a simple question is really part of a much larger one !

It is a hard industry and I do actually agree with Chris… I witnessed a paid carer come into our house and ask Mum if she was awake, when Mum replied “no”, she left after 2 minutes. The very expensive alarm clock cost Mum £10…

Just a tad further.

What must it be like for a paid care worker with that little something … empathy for his / her clients … with one eye
on a stop watch during those working hours , and under constant pressure to keep up with it ?

( Threads elsewhere on the projected staff shortgages in this sector and the potential knock on effect on us. )

NOT their fault … blame the System … by delegating it’s responsibility to protect it’s most vulnerable citizens
to the private sector … who are only in it for money … diminishing in line with the continuing Government cutbacks to LAs.

Back to thread.

If she cares about this woman she should come and visit during her own time and not during her working hours. If shes just coming during her working hours to eat lunch then your right to report her.