Hi all
does anyone know how the vaccine people know you are a carer?
I see from lublic health that home carers are included in the age 65 bracket for the jab but my surgery tell me i have to wait until my age group 50 plus.
Will they go by the database for carers allowance??
Thanks :slight_smile:

No Marc there is currently no database or cross referencing.

Hi Mark

If you are in England and in receipt of carers allowance you can now book direct on the NHS booking site and will find a list of the closest places to you, you then pick where you want to go and when, you will also be able to book your second one. I booked late on Monday night and went Tuesday morning. You will need to take your letter of entitlement and photo ID with you.

Your GP should have you registered as a carer at the practice, and they will get an extra allowance!

They may get an extra allowance but my surgery consistently tells me that the current situation is that I will receive a letter directly from “NHS England” inviting me. How will NHS England know I am unpaid carer and not in receipt of carer’s allowance if a database does not exist (if previous comment on this thread is to be relied on)?

I have written to my local MP to see if they can provide any clarity as everyone else is giving me the run around.

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