COVID Vaccine

Good evening, does anyone know whether unpaid Carers on CA will be given the same priority access to the COVID vaccine as Health & Social like the flu jab please? Thank you x

Good question.

Hopefully CUK will be able to give us the answer?

My grandson has been here all weekend. His mum has just been told that one of his classmates has tested positive, so now has to shield for 2 weeks. He lives in a flat, that’s going to be difficult for his mum! Lots of New Forest nearby to play in as a rule.

In reality, no-one really knows yet, but the projection so far is that priority will be age based, (older first).

Here’s a couple of quotes from the Internet recently:-

According to weekend press reports a rollout of a vaccine could be just three months away – but the feedback from the government is that not everyone will get it, with the target group being around 30 million older people and health workers, less than half the population of 67 million.

Once approved, the NHS stands ready to begin a vaccination programme for those most at risk, as currently recommended by the independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), before being rolled out more widely.

This is what I was wondering too, I really hope so.

Scotland has already given unpaid carers priority and this came from the Welsh government yesterday when they were asked about unpaid carers and access to the vaccine.

Dr Gill Richardson, chairwoman of the Welsh Government’s Covid-19 vaccine programme board, said unpaid carers were extremely important not just to the people they care for, but society in general.

"This is something the JCVI is acutely aware of and probably they’ll be making announcements about carers and about them being accelerated so they wouldn’t have to wait for their particular age group to be called.

I just checked the priority list and there is nothing mentioned about unpaid carers.
I am a carer myself. I have to take a risk daily to go to chemist, food shopping etc for the person I care.
Also when he start going back to clinic (at the moment he has telephone consultation, but after the vaccination he will be able to,go,to,clinic.), I need to go with him.
And if I get virus and become unwell, who is going to look after him?
I really think unpaid carers should be prioritized as the elder people and valuables.

Why are you shopping every day? Once, or maybe twice a week should be enough: this will reduce your risk considerably.

The chemist should also deliver. If you sign up with the doctor, you can order repeat prescriptions on line. I have blood pressure issues. Now have my own monitor, no need to see the doctor, I just say what it is. Furthermore it’s much more accurate when taken quietly at home! I use Tesco and Waitrose online. I book a place 3 weeks in advance by ordering one bottle of milk, then gradually fill my order. Click and Collect is now very efficient, as well as home delivery.

I don’t go shopping everyday. I’ve been trying to minimize going outside as I live with a valuable person but sometimes it’s difficult to get delivery slot and I have to go to shops.
Not only food, for example when he needs over the counter medication, I have to order other unnecessary things with it to get delivery because I have to fulfill minimal order (often 30 pounds).
We cannot keep buying extra stock to satisfy minimal order.
I spoke to several chemist but they don’t deliver control drug. I had a volunteer person who helped me to go to chemist but he’s gone back to work when the lockdown was over.

I don’t think the issue here is how many times somebody is going out, although I do agree it would cut the risk if indoors more. The issue is unpaid carers have sacrificed so much over the past nine months with little or no extra support even having to give up their jobs to cope with their caring role, me being one of them. This places extreme pressure on our mental and physical health by having to shield their loved one with the added pressure of having the virus on their mind the whole time. If we were to get the vaccine earlier than our age group we would have that pressure lifted and would be able to feel that we could cope a bit better thus not affecting our mental and physical health so much. A chance to meet up with friends again too for a much needed break which is needed for our own sanity,

I never shop out. Food is delivered to me each week and I monitor my blood pressure and sugar levels at home.
Never have visitors either.

That is why I am hesitant in having the vaccine. How many in the trial were my age, 87. ???
If few, as i think, then I become a guinea pig. No thanks!

It seems to me that this is wrong, now there is just a race who will say faster that it has a vaccine. Vaccines have to be tested for years to track all side effects. I don’t trust this vaccine.

I’m having it asap.
I’ve already been in intensive care after major surgery, with pipes going in and out, no desire to repeat that!
I get chest infections most years after Christmas, requiring two courses of antibiotics, so if I get the virus my outlook would be bleak.
I’ve spent years housebound after a car accident, virtually unable to walk until I had two knee replacements. In total I’ve had eight operations, and fought really hard to get better, to learn how to walk properly.
I’ll stay in and live carefully until I’ve had the vaccinations, then I’m going to drive over the hills to Bridport, visiting all my favourite fabric shops en route, just because I can!!
Let’s be positive about the vaccine, what are you going to do afterwards???

As for me, I can’t believe that it should be useful

Thanks for your posts in the thread. I have passed these onto our policy team and we’ll look out for other issues relating to the vaccine that are posted in the Forum.