Covid Vaccine

Good Morning, I am new to this Forum but am seeking help as I am totally frustrated regarding this vaccine. I care for our son, I am registered at our local GP’s as a carer, I receive the flu jab every year, I receive Carers Allowance , I am registered as a carer with our local council centre. I am aged 61 (group 7) but as as carer puts me in group 6. Our GP’s are currently vaccinating Group 6 but I have been told by a very irate Practice Manager after complaining, that I could not be vaccinated at the GP’s in Group 6 & need to wait for my invitation from NHS. I could be vaccinated at the GP’s when they do Group 7. Both myself & my son are registered at the same practice, I really cannot understand this situation, has anyone else had any problems. Thank you

See the link in second post in this topic, tell your GP pull their finger out and to educate themselves on the correct procedures!

Thank you for replying, I am starting to think Its me thats wrong ! I sent an E mail to the Practice Manager yesterday as a complaint after being told I needed an invitation for it from NHS, she rang me & was very irate to say the least & asked me what I was complaining about ! Its just nice to get feed back from others, once I have all the information , I will be requesting a telephone conversation with a doctor, thank you again !

Hi Judith

If you are in England then you can now book using the NHS booking site as they have now added those who receive carers allowance to the list. You will be offered appointments at your local centre but you may have to travel. When you go for your appointment you need to take your carers allowance letter and photo ID.

If ANYONE in the NHS is irate with you, they need further training.
Complain to the CCCG, because if the person concerned has done this to you, she will have done it before and will do it again until she’s stopped.