Vaccine for carers

Hi ive just joined this forum.

Im a carer for my mum, i receive carers allowance.
my mother received her 1st vaccine a month ago.
Been reading online about carers getting the vaccine.
Im 57 i thought id just have to wait till its my turn to get the vaccine.
Will i be called automatically if im a carer receiving carers allowance?
Do i need to contact anyone regarding this .
Regards sue

Where do I stand?

The JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) has included unpaid carers on the vaccination priority list (UK wide) in group 6. You may be in a group higher up the list due to your age if you are over 65. You can find the list of groups here. For further information, see our latest press release.

Although there is an overarching UK plan, each nation’s roll-out programme will differ – for an overview, please see ‘What are the details of the vaccination programme where I live?’

Despite there being limited supplies available initially, the government is now aiming for all adults to be offered the opportunity to receive their first dose of the vaccine by the end of July. Letters are being sent out every week which means that you might not receive your letter immediately.

Sue you can apply for your vaccination now.

Thought i had to wait till they contact me ?
How can i apply ?

You need to register at Mums G.P. And/or tell your own G.P.

Also read if claiming carers allowance will be contacted automatically ?

That is very doubtful as your G.P. would need to know you claim carers allowance.

You need to be registered with a G.P. as a carer. Some people don’t claim carers allowance but still registered as a carer.

I’m afraid if your wait you may never be called.

The DWP who you are registered with for carers allowance have no input to the vaccine programme.

It’s all very hit and miss I’m afraid.
Contact the surgery, ask if you are already registered as a carer, if not, you should be (the surgery get extra money from the NHS for carers by the way) and then ask when you can have your jab. Otherwise contact 119.

Hi rang the surgery was not regestered there posting me a form out.thanks

Hi if you receive carers allowance and are in England you can book through the online NHS system, I booked mine late on Monday evening and had my first one yesterday morning plus have my second one booked. You will need to take proof of entitlement letter with you plus photo ID when you attend your appointment.

You should not need proof of entitlement! There are many carers who can’t claim CA for various reasons.

I totally understand that not everyone can claim CA but at the moment to use the online system when you get to the hub they will ask for proof. If you do not get CA but are registered at your doctors as a carer then you will be contacted by them for an appointment. My GP told me I would have to wait at least another 2 to 3 weeks before they would contact me so I used the online system.

Hi georgina you say you booked online but are you akso registered with your surgery? Dunno if i can book online i live in wales ?

Hi Susan yes I am registered at my doctors as a carer and they have got me as group 6 but would not be offered a vaccine for at least 2 more weeks. I live in England so try your booking system to see if they are allowing carers allowance recipients to book for the jab. You will more than likely need to take your letter of entitlement with you to your appointment.

Had a phone call from my surgery today i forgot to tick part b :face_with_hand_over_mouth:it was asking if i wanted information, the receptionist ticked box for me save sending it bk to me.
I asked about the vaccine im 57 ,i asked if id get it earlier as im a carer she said it doesn’t work like that it depends on if i tick certain questions ? Regarding my mums care ??