Covid Vaccine

Hi I am new to the forum. I look after my clinically vulnerable parents who live with me. I am registered as their carer but I don’t or haven’t claimed carers allowance.
I understand I am in group 6 but I am hearing of much younger healthy people who are or have had their vaccine because they care for someone? Is there a case of some GPs are giving thrir consent are they able to override the recommendations?

Hi, I too am new to CarersUK. I’m 64 and caring for my partner who has Parkinson’s disease. He’s 74 and has already had his first vaccine. When I read that unpaid carers were eligible for the vaccine I rang my surgery to make sure it was known that I was an unpaid carer, but they seemed unaware that it even counted. Does anyone know what criteria I have to meet to prove that I am an unpaid carer?

Quote NHS Protocol C1124.
I’ve just put the details on my surgery Facebook site, after they gave the wrong information to a family carer.
Let’s all do this today.