Carers removed from vaccine list?

Does anyone know about this?

Lots of chat on various groups about carers being removed from the priority list as of the 27th Jan and staff involved in vaccination saying they have been advised carers are no longer included for group 6?

Seems to be sparked by the updated information posters being circulated to vaccination hubs and medical facilities which do not have carers listed anywhere.

I’m pretty sure that carers are still in group 6 - found this after a google search

The government’s vaccine committee has revised its recommendations to include unpaid carers in the vaccine priority list.

It now recommends unpaid carers who get Carer’s Allowance or who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person (child or adult) whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill should be prioritised alongside people with underlying health conditions.

This means unpaid carers are now in priority group 6: (see Table 3 of the green Book). It is not yet clear when unpaid carers will be offered the vaccine.

Our own factsheet which is regularly updated says the same

Yes that’s what I thought but the people posting are saying that is the December guidance which has been updated on 27th Jan to no longer include carers.

This is dreadful. CUK needs to act.
I can just imagine doctors having the poster up, saying “where are you on the list then?”
Haven’t we been treated as second class citizens all along?

Leanne, carers are still listed in priority group 6 here [Withdrawn] [Withdrawn] Why you have to wait for your COVID-19 vaccine - GOV.UK

Last updated on 25/1/21.

Can you post a link of where it says they are now excluded?


I’ve found this one dated 27th which maybe causing some concern/confusion.

Perhaps Carer UK could try and clarify


Yes this is the list being circulated by medical staff and those involved with vaccine centres saying that’s the list they have been advised is up to date. I know many many people are being told they can’t register as a carer with their GP as it is, or being accused of queue jumping. It really is a big mess and correct info needs to be clarified to stop misinformation being given out. Some GPS are refusing to register any new carer registration requests at all.

Thanks Leanne

I had hoped Carers UK would be able to supply some clarification. However they still might.

I’m a bit (more!) confused now. So if the GP looks at this poster they might think that carers are not eligible anymore. Is there any documentation from Carers UK that could be downloaded to clarify the situation? I always carry the letter downloaded from Carers which explains that as a carer I have a reason to be out and might need priority access in some situations.

I’ve sent Michael from CUK a message, asking him to clarify this confusing situation for us.

the Link that Melly1 posted above is to the .GOV.UK factsheet entitled
“Why you have to wait for your Coivd.19 vaccination” and was last updated on 25th January.

At the same time as the adults under 65 years with long term conditions the vaccine will also be offered to:

adults who provide regular care for an elderly or disabled person
younger adults in long stay nursing and residential settings

The same information is in the Carers UK factsheet - last updated 27 January.

During the last televised briefing that Matt Hancock made he was specifically asked this question - as I remember he stated that he understood the concerns of the person asking the question as he had members of his own family who are unpaid carers. He then went onto to say that family carers are very important and that they were definitely on the list (although I can’t remember if he actually stated in which category).

My husband’s 68 category 6 and I’m 63 category 5. I have been his carer for over twenty years. And have been registered as his carer at his G.P. Ever since carers were able to register as a unpaid carer. We have the same practice.

I do think it’s been well under estimated how many people provide care. I guess the Government only looked (if they did) at how many are registered for Carers Allowance.

I suspect they don’t really know how many UNpaid carers there are.


I’d like to think that the vaccine roll out is being administered by a database and by documentation, rather than by a poster. Those in receipt of Carer’s allowance were added to priority Group 6 pretty late as I recall (Group 6/Footnote 3 on the official list). It’s probably very impractical to put all those footnotes etc on what is meant to be a simple poster? That’s my theory anyway :slight_smile:

This is the priority list and it hasn’t changed since Jan 6th 2021

We’re also included on Table 3 “Adult Carers” in the official Government Green Book.

This leads on to the post that arrived on Friday that the City Council sent me concerning Covid 19 vaccine programme.
In receipt of direct payments and have to employ staff then that makes you as an unpaid version of the same paid PA/caregiver the extra duty of arranging Covid 19 vaccine appointments for the paid ones and filling in all the necessary paperwork in the form of ‘you must’. However, at the same time, you are informed curtly and as if it’s okay that it’s only the paid versions who will be offered a vaccine and not you.

In fact, you have to print all their forms, write them a letter if they need one, and book them an appointment while you the unpaid version are treated like a third rate citizen ‘not entitled’ to the same protection should you wish for a vaccine. A brilliant way for the City Council to rub unpaid carers noses in it whilst at the same time making demands to serve the paid workers and while not getting paid either.

Pay for the printer, ink, and your time, and don’t get paid either yourself.

Nobody would mind, but the cared for will get offered the vaccine after social care staff have had theirs. Even I might add if the person is vulnerable. My son has learning disabilities, autism, diabetes, and seizures, and myself as his full-time carer also has medical problems but paid P.A.’s and social care are to be considered first for a vaccine, and not me.

And don’t I know it in no uncertain terms.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I had agreed to be an ’employer’ but I didn’t. Way back in 2013 I was forced to accept direct payments. I was informed if I didn’t then safeguarding would be initiated. The allocated social worker specifically for the ‘job’ of reassessment told me this in front of her upline. Then she lied to the Ombudsman. Only he found her threat in her own case notes so absolutely factual that she did force me to accept direct payments against my wishes and ever since then I have been made to complete regular administration tasks unpaid totalling 3 hours every four weeks. Cover for paid carers leave, sickness, and so forth, and also care full-time myself all unpaid.

I was given an appt by my GP last Friday for the Pzier jab as I’m a carer.
Unfortunately could not have it as I’m highly allergic and have to wait for the Ozford jab

Had a phone call earlier from my GP surgery to book me in for the vaccine as they have me registered as my mums Carer, so can have vacc with Group 6 . So it does seem to be working . Roll on Monday !

That’s good news Joanne. You must live somewhere nice and quiet for them to be looking at Group 6 already? Most areas are just finishing up with Group 4.

[/quote]That’s good news Joanne. You must live somewhere nice and quiet for them to be looking at Group 6 already? Most areas are just finishing up with Group 4.
You’re right , got me wondering now. I’ve looked at the surgeries media update and they say they are on course to finish groups1 to 4 this week ! She definitely said she can book me in as I’m registered with them as a carer. Oh well I’m not going to turn it down . I wonder if it’s because I’ve put a couple of messages on their posts asking if they were following the guidelines on unpaid Carers . Perhaps they want to shut me up !