Unpaid carers and getting vaccine

As far as I am aware unpaid carers are included in priority group 6 fir the vaccine ( I currently look after my mum who has COPD and vascular dementia) and am registered as an unpaid carer with my GP. However whilst the government guidance says I can now be vaccinated as such, the NHS online booking firm doesn’t allow this neither does the NHS telephone booking line on 119. Has anybody else had difficulties accessing the vaccine - feels like a postcode lottery :cry:



When was the last time you spoken to 119? I did have a conversation with them yesterday, although, unlike you, my carer flag has not been updated on my notes - They did say that they can take ‘bookings’ for people in our position though? Has your GP deffo noted this?

Hope that helps

Actually, I take the above back.

I have tried calling today as my records should have been updated. The lady on the phone said that only carers who’re employed by a care home/Local Authority are getting their vaccine which is the opposite of what I was told on Friday. Just thought I would add this as an FYI

The lady on the phone should be removed from her public facing role until she’s had further training!