Vaccine eligibility if no carers Allowance

We are parents of a 16 year old non verbal autistic son. We work and consequently do not claim carers allowance. Our son needs care at all times during waking hours BUT so far we have been denied a request for the COVID vaccine. Our GP is unwilling to help and social services have also been unhelpful despite our son being classed as a child in need. Our son has very complex difficulties and it requires both of us to manage the burden of his care.
We are worried that if one of us becomes ill with COVID we simply will not cope. Has anyone else managed to get the vaccine without claiming carers allowance.

Hi Sharon

This is the latest JCVI definition – p10-11. In England, if you have Carer’s Allowance (or an underlying entitlement), you should soon be notified about your vaccine by letter. If you don’t receive Carer’s Allowance but are the primary carer of someone who is clinically vulnerable (see definition on p11)

You don’t have to be in receipt of carers allowance. You are family carers and are in the priority list.

Even though you are parents you both need to be added to your sons g.p. details as carers.

The refusal of the therapist is simply amazing! I can’t understand why the state is worse if the guardians of an incapacitated citizen do not need financial support from the state? Is this already a crime chtoli? With this COVID, people just went nuts.

I had a letter from Social Services last week to tell me that as a carer I was entitled. I was pleased to get this, as it showed they were at last trying to find “hidden” carers. I’d had mine anyhow due to my age, but good to know they were doing this. Apparently in the process they are finding out who has had their annual health checks, a lot hadn’t!