Unpaid carers

I have 4 children 3 have autism and one has down syndrome and is still in nappies and needs a high
level of care, they all need a higher level of care but they are all under 16 will I get the vaccine


do you receive Carers Allowance - if so yes you will. If you don’t are you down as carer on your GP medical notes? If you are you will also be offered a vaccine. You can check this by calling your surgery. If you aren’t flagged as a carer, then request that you are.


Yes I receive carers allowance and I’m registered as a carer at my GP, but the new rules say that the child must have severe neuro-disabilities so I don’t no if I qualify.

Hi Marc

My hubby has just had the vaccine as we have an autistic son.

You are a carer so you should be in priority group 6 as far as I can see. As long as it is down in your go records that you are.

What part of wales are you in.

Autism and learning disabilities are neurodisabilities; you receive carers allowance and are flagged as a carer on your GP records - sounds like you’ll be ok. Keep us updated.


That’s a lot of special needs to manage.
Are you getting plenty of help from Social Services?
Aware of the Family Fund?