Vaccine and Carer's

Hi All.
My wife is clinically vulnerable and has been offered the vaccination.
I am 63 and so not entitled to it yet.
But as I receive Carer’s Allowance, government guidelines suggest I should be in group six.
My surgery tell me this is not possible and I will remain in group seven.
I look after both my wife and elderly mother.
Is it possible to fight this decision?
Not a expecting a lot just to be treated fairly.
Thanks for your help.

Hi & welcome Chris

Have a read …

There’s a lot of confusion.
Tell the surgery to look at page 6 of NHS Protocol 1124!

Then put this on the surgery facebook group if possible, so everyone in your area knows.

Thanks to everyone who answered my query.
It’s very much appreciated.

Our local council has just emailed me their regular newsletter, full of misleading information about the vaccinations.
I’ve now written to them, requesting amendment!

Success I have finally got my appointment. Albeit a week away.

The confusion at my G.P.'S the web site differed from the information held by staff.

My G.P. got information this morning on how to book carers.

I had just got a text 30 mind ago. Still telling me not to keep contacting the surgery.

I was in the process of writing an email to my MP. And thought no that’s not happening. And now the surgery are changing the web site details to the correct info.

I can honestly say one could lose their mind!!

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Hi I’m a carer as well I’m waiting for my vaccines as well as its such a worry.

Hi Sarah

You should not be waiting now make contact with your G.P.