Vaccination priority carers of clinically vulnerable group

The JCVI guidance is clear on carers for people in the underlying conditions group in that they should be getting vaccines at the same time that the people they care for are vaccinated. They are now considered in priority group 6 if they are between the ages of 16 and 64. I am 68 so in priority group 5.
The guidance is silent for unpaid carers of people in the clinically vulnerable group, such as my wife, who are in priority group 4. My own GP surgery has refused to elevate my priority status so that I can have the vaccine at the same time as my wife.
I know of friends who have been accepted in higher priority groups in other areas.
Is anyone having a similar issue?

Hi Steve

I’ve not seen that. Are you able to post the link?

Hi Steve

Yes I am still unclear about the vaccine priority.

My husband is 74 years old disabled with Multiple Sclerosis, I am his full time carer on carers allowance and am 65 years old. I hope that I can get the vaccination at the same time that my husband gets it as I will have to accompany him to his appointment, also if I become ill he will not have anyone to look after him. It’s all so confusing! Is there anything that I can print out to take to my GP,s surgery that states that I can have it at the same time or do I have to wait until 65 and overs are vaccinated.

@Cloudygal - This seems to be the link