Vaccination for myself as an unpaid worker for my mum

I’m new to this. I am a teaching assistant in a primary school. I will be going back to work in 10 days in a room of 30 households. I’m 49 so not vaccinated. I care for my my mum, who is 73, daily due to a recent fall, she has had a metal plate implanted into her leg so cannot walk. She also suffers with COPD. I daily go to hers to do household chores and do shopping and take her to appointments. She has had a letter saying she is clinically vulnerable. I am worried that returning to work will put her at risk. She has had her first jab but still feel uneasy about this. Has anybody been in the same position as I have searched the web and find no way of getting vaccinated. Does anybody know if vaccinations are available for someone in my position ? Thankyou

Hi Lisa,

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There is information here Vaccine guidance | Carers UK scroll down to the relevant section

This is also being discussed widely in the Coronavirus section of the forum.


Thank you I have read through this this but nothing seems relevant.

Did you read about being registered as a carer with your GP? Are you?

and click the link within the faqs
About unpaid carers being in phase 6?

And did you look at the coronavirus section of the forum

There is plenty of info there and tips from others.



Contact your doctor’s and advise them you are unpaid carer, there may be a form to fill in
They can add this to your account