I’m a carer, but not enough a carer apparently :(

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all ok and staying safe (or as safe as possible) through these difficult days. I was looking for some advice. I’ve worked as a Rehabilitation Support worker directly with my client for the past 6 years. The work is obviously rehab/physio therapy based, but also includes personal care, all within my clients home, on a daily basis for around 11 - 12hrs a day. I also provide care for my wife who is classed as a vulnerable adult, severe asthmatic on steroids and we have a 3 yr old girl. I wanted to sign up for flu jab, but despite having asthma when I was younger, and the risk factors involved, told that I’ll have to pay for one myself, which I can’t afford.

I asked about the covid vaccine, was told that as I don’t work for a care home or registered agency, there is nothing they can do, despite the clear risks to both my wife and my client and his family. I don’t have any support, have to arrange covid tests on my days off and have only a payroll company to process wages which is why I’m here I guess.

I work very long and sometimes difficult hours, during April - June when supermarkets were offering support to nhs staff and carers and other key workers, i was turned away as while I did the same job as registered carers, the offer didn’t apply to me, despite showing staff my contract, payslip, etc.

Ranting aside, my priority is my wife’s health and my clients and his family. Is there anywhere I need to register so that can I be recognised as a carer? Thanks for any advice you can offer x

Are you registered as a carer on your GP records. That certainly gives you access to the flue vaccine.

As regards to the covid vaccine…I am trying to get clarification on this. Main carers have been moved up to priority group 6, but I am unsure if its just those who get carers allowance.

11-12 hours work per day is very long time. As far as I know, there is 8 hours per day schedule.

Thanks cloudygal, I’ve since been given a carer registration form which should resolve things, it’s only taken 3 months, but hopefully it will help resolve any future problems.

I’d hope that carers of any definition should be treated equally, whether in a care home setting, support workers, rehab assistants, Dom care, etc.

It certainly is, thankfully I usually don’t have to do more than 3 days in a row. It’s nothing to what nhs doctors and nurses are doing right now though :frowning: