Carers vaccine

Hi I’m new to the group! I’m currently a carer for my mum who has severe COPD. COVID has been stressful for all of us, but I spotted the story about unpaid carers getting the vaccine. My question is, how do they know who the unpaid carers are? I don’t claim benefits for looking after my mum so don’t think I’m on a list anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Julie

Most of us will have told our GPs that we are unpaid carers at some time, or the GP will know by some other means.

That doesn’t give me any confidence that I will be selected for an early vaccination; when I see a GP that I’ve not seen before, or some other medical professional maybe in a hospital setting, it often comes as a complete surprise to them that I’m a carer.

Maybe Carers UK can explain to all of us what has been agreed?
If you haven’t done so already, this would be a very good time to register with your GP that you are a carer?

My GP doesn’t care that i am an unpaid carer, nothing to do with him and the GP Surgery, it is up to Social Services to arrange unpaid carer support.
I cannot register with my GP as an unpaid carer because they don’t do that and have no plans to introduce unpaid carer support.

The GP can have an extra £200 or so for every registered carer on their books!

Thanks everyone. Agree about lack of confidence in GP, but will flag to them again that I’m a career. Thank you. Julie