Unpaid carer can’t register with GP

Hi I care for my partner she is classed as medically vulnerable and is shielding she has recived the first vaccine…

I tend to act as a carer for her as she can’t really be left alone because of falls and we have a toddler running around.

I’ve been trying to get get the vaccine as a unpaid carer but been told I need to register as a carer with the GP but every time time I call I keep getting told “I don’t know what you mean” or “you have to be paid to register as a carer” I tried to register back in 2018 as a carer but still nothing’s changed.

Does this mean I cannot have the vaccine as her carer


Yes, Lee you can definitely have the vaccine as carer unpaid paid or otherwise.

Speak to the practice manager and don’t take NO for a answer. Say you will speak to your MP or Mayor.


If you aren’t currently registered as a patient with a GP surgery, you can find out how to register on the NHS website.GBwhatsapp Apk

Absolutely, Lee you can definitely get the vaccine as a carer without payment or any other form of payment.
Contact the manager of the practice and don’t accept a non-sensical response. Speak to your mayor or your MP.

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